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Due to the risk of viruses, attachments will not be opened. If you have sent an attachment, please resend per the submission guideline instructions. All submissions must be contained within the body of the email. Artists should refer to their section for further details.

Moondance's Focus and Readership

Moondance is intended to represent the diversity and unique talents of all creative women. Submissions should reflect the interests of our international readers, who are actively seeking information that will assist in improving the quality their lives -- intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Moondance is designed for presenting the enjoyment of a moment of quiet reflection, a creative connection between cultures, and a meeting of mind and soul.

Moondance was awarded an honorable mention in the 1999 UNESCO Web Prize Awards, Category I (Free Themes). The UNESCO Web Prize Competition is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements by artists, designers and programmers in creating websites in the fields of competence of UNESCO. The Prize reflects the cultural and societal importance of the new information and communication technologies and their use in the promotion of the ideals of UNESCO. The UNESCO Web Prize is a sub-category of the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts.

The Web Prize Jury, which selected Moondance from over 500 contestants, said: "Moondance is an on-line literary arts magazine supporting and promoting art and literature by and about women. This genuine ezine is a quality publication that enriches and expands horizons".

Submission Guidelines

All submissions of both written and artistic material must cover a topic or theme that is relevant and sensitive to issues concerning women. However, female authorship is not a prerequisite. We welcome the creative input of men also, believing that balance is necessary in all things. Please note that, while all editions do have a theme, topics are not required to be limited to that subject. Variety is welcomed.

It is our policy to consider all submissions received up to the posted deadlines. Selections are made at that time, and all artists and authors will be notified shortly thereafter.

We encourage writers of all ages and experience levels to consider submitting their work to Moondance in the appropriate sections. While age is not a consideration for or barrier to acceptance, we do require all contributors under the age of eighteen to obtain parental permission prior to publication.

Because we do not charge our readers, contributors will not receive monetary compensation for their submissions. However, they will receive other benefits, including the option of direct links to e-mail or URL addresses of the author or artist, a short biography of the author or artist, consideration for Best of Theme and mention of their published piece in our newsletter.

All submissions should include a short bio, an e-mail address and/or a URL for the author or artist at the time of submission.

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Columns: This section includes subjects of ongoing interest that will appear in every edition. Columnists are required to commit to four related columns or topics (one year of editions) to be considered. Submissions to this section should include "Columns" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to columns@moondance.org.

Fiction: Short stories of greater than 1,000 words. Submissions to this section should include "Fiction" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to fiction@moondance.org.

Inspirations articles would include motivational, spiritual, religious, and philosophic pieces which women of all beliefs would enjoy. Submissions to this section should include "Inspirations" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to inspirations@moondance.org.

Nonfiction: Non-fiction essays and articles of greater than 1,000 words. Submissions to this section should include "Nonfiction" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to nonfiction@moondance.org.

Poetry can be any form or style. Adherence to the theme is appreciated but not necessary. Poetry can be any length poems under 50 lines will have a better chance of being selected. Please submit three to five poems. All poems from the same author for same edition should be contained within the body of the same email. Submissions to this section should include "Poetry" in the subject line, with at least one title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to poetry@moondance.org

newReviews features must-read writing in all genres. Our focus is feminist writing, often works found off the best seller lists. Reviews should be thoughtful analyses of a book, going well beyond a mere summary and the reviewer's opinion of it. Most wanted: niche publishers, e-published, self-published - written by women whose lives we've never imagined before. Good writing is not at the top of our list of requirements for a good book. A new story is. We also look at reviews of movies, music, plays - reviews of any work created by other women.

Song and Story is for short fiction and nonfiction submissions under 1,000 words. Of special interest are reviews; personality profiles; and articles about history, humor, and other topics of interest.Submissions to this section should include "Song and Story" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to songandstory@moondance.org.

Style guide — All writers will be held to the writing standards delineated in the Moondance Style Guide, which is largely based on standard writing practices.

MOONDANCE neither accepts nor publishes Erotica.

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Visual Artists

Visual artists should send a short introduction describing your work and a web site URL, if available.

Submissions for cover art can be produced in any media but must be available in a jpeg file format. Cover art must contain the moon among other elements and portray the themes of the year.

All art must reflect the values of Moondance but needn't incorporate the name, "Moondance".

Moondance reserves the right to reject work on grounds of it not being appropriate or of digital images being of poor technical quality.

Visual artists who would like to be featured in our gallery should read our guidelines in the Arts Department.

Submissions to this section should include in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions to this section should include "Art" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to art@moondance.org.

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Moondance accepts previously published pieces when the author owns the copyright. We ask for all rights until the next edition is released and nonexclusive archival rights for as long as that edition is in our archives. Therefore, we retain rights for a three-month period on accepted and published work. At the end of that three-month period, all rights except nonexclusive archival rights revert to the author. Moondance lists previous publication information at the end of the piece, and we ask that we receive credit if the piece is published elsewhere after appearing in Moondance.

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Email and snail mail addresses

We look forward to working with you on any submissions you may choose to offer.

All other inquiries be sent via email to:
submissions@moondance.org with the appropriate department and the title of the submission in the subject line.

For review items only:

P O Box 92-3713
Sylmar, CA 91392-3713

Please include all promotional material.

Any submissions, other than review materials, sent via snail mail, will not be considered.

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Year 2009 Themes


Moondance always emphasizes Spirit. Spirit is all encompassing. Balance with the elements needs to be achieved for a balanced lifestyle and to use the gifts given to one from the divine creator. Spirit contains within it our emotions, creativity and intuition, and is a direct factor in self-honesty and growth.

The year 2008 symbolizes spiritual growth using universal archetypes. An archetype is a character that symbolizes a group of traits or ideals. Each of us can identify with more than one archetype. Often we do so unconsciously. Archetypes are important to us because they help us define ourselves and identify our natural talents. They represent patterns which we use to interpret our world, our motivations and our purpose. They help us understand the importance of our personal myths. Our goal this year is to bring these unconscious symbols of our character into consciousness so we may better use them for daily success.

Although there are many archetypes, we've chosen to highlight these four as our themes:
Jester,Magician, Prophet, Sovereign.

AThe hopeful woman embraces her deepest wishes. She trusts her instincts and desires to create a clear vision of her future. Her confidence becomes buoyant as she looks forward to the pleasing promise of an optimistic outcome. She creates plans to accomplish her vision and realize the fulfillment of her hopes. Her positive expectations encourage her to begin the journey toward success.

Deadlines: December 15th for Queries
December 31st for Submissions
The accepting woman believes in her vision and realizes its truth in her life. She is spiritually mindful and tolerant of differing views, even as she emphasizes the value she places on her most intimate desire. She nurtures her heart's wish and adopts the means of accomplishing it. Her attitude lends credence to its favorable reception and encourages approval if that is important. The connection she feels between vision and eventual accomplishment brings her satisfaction.

Deadlines: March 15th for Queries
March 31st for Submissions
The courageous woman is filled with spiritual qualities that enable her to bring her hopes to fruition. Her wisdom enables her to weigh the risk and move forward with caution. Her courage gives her confidence. She confronts her fears and decides to take the risks needed to accomplish her goal, summoning her will to succeed and the fortitude to keep working. She uses firmness of character, mental stamina and moral fortitude to resist opposition and overcome hardship. Her bravery helps her quell uncertainty and intimidation. Her dedication and strengths bring her closer to success as she faces the challenge squarely.

Deadlines: June 15th for Queries
June 30th for Submissions
The changing woman enjoys the transformation she has wrought as she moves from one phase to another. She modifies her vision if necessary because the goal is worthwhile. Her essence flows, never letting go of her original nature even as she expands into a fuller version of her self. She alters her life by using her depth of character and traits she has long treasured. Even as she enjoys the journey, she pauses occasionally to reflect upon her progress, allowing herself the pleasure pride of accomplishment brings. Her understanding of self deepens and widens, allowing her to encompass and treasure a variety of aspects she's found within.

Deadlines: Setpember 15th for Queries
September 30th for Submissions

Let these broad themes take you as far as your imagination will reach. Each edition will have a special Table of Contents for theme. One author's work in each section will be featured as the best example of theme.