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Woman in the River by Maureen Alsop

The woman in the river,
tongue of fire's tongue,
sniffs the juicy dark,
kisses nameless death.

She, snake tongue caught in a serpent's coil.
Remember the woman, not a god, calling you
by name. Sworn to a secret death.
In that evening that does not open,

remember the woman, calling you.
Her sleep swims
shabby waves. In an evening that will not open
remember what you dared to touch:
her sleep swims shabby waves.  Her indifferent hands
bring you back through the juicy dark.

Remember what she dares you to touch:
she, the woman in the river.

[Maureen Alsop photo]BIO: Maureen Alsop's poems are published or forthcoming in various journals including: 88, MARGIE, Typo, Cider Press Review, Words and Images, and Patterson Review. She hosts the Palm Springs Art Museum's poetry reading series. EMAIL:

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