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Why I Stole Paperclips, by Darby Mitchell
There's no excuse, of course. I shouldn't have stolen anything. Ever. But I did steal. I stole paperclips. Everyday, nearly. One or two paperclips. I don't think I ever took a handful. But the only reason I didn't was because I couldn't think of what to do with a whole handful of paperclips. One or two, I could understand. I'd hold something together with them. But a whole handful?
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My Miracle Kali, by Priya Balachandran

I've always hated hospitals. The smell of disinfectant lingering in the air, the overly sterile, soulless corridors and the sensation of imminent death lurking in every room. I'd successfully managed to avoid spending much time in a hospital that is until I was 33. Then life changed and I was making a regular weekly visit to the local blood lab.
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