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Aroma (Collage by Shirley Harshenin) - Columns Fall 2005
'Kleintjie's Saint' by Liesl Jobson

I could kick myself. I do not want to touch this little girl; she makes me so acutely uncomfortable. When she sees me crossing the quadrangle on my way to the staff room, she runs to me and hugs me, bashing my breasts with her woolly mop of braids. She likes me. She needs me. If I am helping her, I do not hear it in her music. I must somehow recognize that the constancy of our weekly session means something to her. Perhaps one day she will be able to play a simple tune in rhythm. I don’t know.
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'Singing in Beijing' by Kay Sexton
A little bit of dirt and a whole lot of song can be a great way to make you feel at home.
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'Everyday Intuition' by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
My sister woke up one morning with a feeling of deep distress. Her dream wasn’t very clear, but she knew that it was about a relative, and that something terrible had happened in that woman’s life.
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'Treacle Bliss' by Katie Weekley

I was forced to help myself to a chunk of treacle, after which I nearly collapsed in a gustatory orgasm. Oh my, was it good. I just had to buy this product. When I scanned the ingredients, the first of which was condensed milk, I quickly threw the package in my cart. No sense ruining my purely sensational experience with unnecessary knowledge.
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'After Katrina...' by Diane E. Dees

For several nights after New Orleans was flooded by the rupture in the Seventeenth Street Canal levee, I dreamed about people drowning.
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'Gust of Wind' by Cynthia Joan Porter
I removed my clothing and slipped under the cool sheet. Tiny glow-in-the-dark stars glistened above me. A flood of adrenaline pumped through me and churned my stomach. What was I doing lying naked in this tiny room? And what was a perfectly healthy twenty-nine-year-old doing at a healing session anyway? I didn’t even know these people.
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