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Angel's Eye, by Suzanne Nielsen

I walk to Panther Pond for the first time this year.
Michael's Pond, by Brad Michael Moore
"Michael's Pond"
by Brad Michael Moore
Moths of thought
swing on ropes of vine
that hang over the stuttery glow of sunlight.
I feel your image shimmer
on the silvery slip of water,
just beyond my sight.
You wear confidence like a suit
just as you wore it
when you glided through this world.
A turtle tips into the pond
sending up droplets as fine as flour
and you disappear
into the rings of water.
and become something else:
the song of the sun;
the sound of small creatures rustling leaves.
I wade to my ankles,
to my knees
to my hips
in water murky as memory,
hands stretched in supplication.
You and I
are a part of all this,
indistinguishable from
the trees, the sun, the water.
Everything is transmuted.
Nothing is ever lost.
I ask myself if the joy of loving you
was worth the pain of your leaving,
and the pond and the trees
and you
and I answer:
It was worth it.

BIO: Jean Hendrickson retired after 31 years of social work and can be found sifting sand, putting meat tenderizer on jellyfish stings and talking with everyone else who walks the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay. Her prose has been published in the Reader's Digest, Family Circle Magazine, The Daily Press (of the Virginia Peninsula) and Powhatan Review. Her poems have appeared in Beloit Review, Powhatan Review, Crone Chronicles and Portfolio Magazine.

You can reach her at

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