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Angel's Eye, by Suzanne Nielsen

Be my morning cup of coffee
wake me with your cunning lips.
Flaming Love
Flaming Love
Sprinkle our room
with confetti laughter
chase me, catch me,
love me hard.
Let love's tide
rise and drown us,
lave us with its waves of joy.
Let it rock us in its cradle,
leave us panting
on its shore.
Ignite the candle,
let it burn.
I'll dance for you
in red high heels.
Baubles jingling at my wrist,
I'll weave a web
to catch your soul.
Outside our window
New Orleans fog
stalks sultry morning streets.
Inside, time ends our Mardi Gras,
leaves love's madness
strewn 'round the room.
Even before you leave
I hear
those low-down

BIO: Jean Hendrickson retired after 31 years of social work and can be found sifting sand, putting meat tenderizer on jellyfish stings and talking with everyone else who walks the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay. Her prose has been published in the Reader's Digest, Family Circle Magazine, The Daily Press (of the Virginia Peninsula) and Powhatan Review. Her poems have appeared in Beloit Review, Powhatan Review, Crone Chronicles and Portfolio Magazine.

You can reach her at

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