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Guidelines for Mothers and Daughters; by Julie and Dorothy Firman

Our efforts to understand the essential principles and dynamics of a powerful relationship have led us down many roads and many women have been our guides. They have taught us and asked us to teach them. As we have worked over the years with mothers and daughters in improving, changing, healing, and nurturing themselves and their relationship, some guidelines have emerged that may be useful.
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Naked in the Eyes of God; by Carey Gauzens
I recently had the opportunity to spend several months living and working at Esalen Institute, a retreat and workshop center on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in Big Sur, California. Esalen specializes in bringing cutting-edge workshop leaders in fields ranging from psychology and spirituality to global peacemaking. In between there are workshops upon workshops on yoga, communications, body psychotherapy, massage, dance, art, conscious relationships, holistic medicine, and nearly any other topic one could imagine. All designed with the same goal in mind: the betterment of each individual as a means of bettering our world.
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Three Run Day; by Julie Shapiro

It's a three run day; it's a three run day. If you say it fast enough it sounds like "a three rum day." That sounds more fun, like being young again, more carefree than running three times to de-stress. And just what I am so stressed about?
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