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REVERSE HAIBUN by Wanda Galey, Inspirations


"Canada Geese in Flight" by Sandra Ritter
"Canada Geese in Flight "
by Sandra Ritter


Friends part

Forever—wild geese

Lost in cloud.


Basho *translated by Lucien Stryk


There was once a V of three. We experienced many adventures together during our travels. Exploring new territory didn’t intimidate us. We were victorious. Now, we are memory. But I can still hear the calls of my two friends through the fog and clouds. We are lost without a leader, directionless. Gone, but I still remember---our friendship.

Each time the geese fly overhead, I stop and listen to the call---a haunting sound, but their voices keep each other flying in a perfect V.


Author Bio: Wanda Galey is a writer who teaches her high school students to enjoy reading and writing. She writes flash fiction, haibun, short stories, and YA.

Artist Bio: Sandra Ritter is a Victoria artist who has a studio/gallery in her floathome at Fisherman's Wharf.  She also teaches drawing and painting to adults and children through Commonwealth Place, The Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre and her studio.

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