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Take Me To The River
by P. A. Moed
In self-defense, she had tried to suppress thoughts of her mother, but they kept bubbling up to the surface like oil. Guilt, sorrow, and regret—she struggled with them all. > > r e a d   o n


Hard Of Herring
by Zan Nordlund
You been lookin' at the TV with that there Billy Graham on it? Ya seekin' a damn miracle healin'? It ain't gonna work, Champ. You're a Catholic. YOU gotta pay off one or two 'o them priests — and light a few candles — maybe, even learn a prayer in Latin to make somethin that big happen. > > r e a d   o n

by Charlotte I. Taylor
She held it between her fingertips and watched this moment spread out crimson against the gold. She felt the man's hate. She felt his need for domination. She felt both his fear and his rage.
> > r e a d   o n


The Real Thing
by Lynne Viti
So often as not, she was a customer, and since women never sat at the bar, she usually brought in a half gallon pickle jar. My father would fill it with draught beer, make up a price, and Bea was off to drink at home.
> > r e a d   o n

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