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A Woman's Journal and Guide to Discovering and Nurturing Her Spirit . . . Her Soul . . . Her Very Being . .

Dear Reader,

SPIRIT contains elements of insight and wisdom that I have personally experienced. I have written from my heart . . . write from your heart. Be in touch with your spirit, know your spirit, and recognize its strength for it will enrich your life in endless ways and lead you to your destiny. I continue on my spiritual journey, a journey in which I am still discovering my spirit, my soul, my very being. Discover your spirit . . . Discover your soul . . . Discover your very being . . . Embrace who you are and let your spirit shine . . .

When you read SPIRIT, add your own personal notes to my thoughts. Jot down titles of books that you have read that have inspired you, and quotes that you don't want to forget. Use your journal to list your favorite music and prayers, to record what brought you joy or sadness, success or disappointment. Keep notes on your favorite flowers and colors. Write about your dreams and about the people you most admire. Press flowers in its pages, adorn its pages with colorful ribbons, and make small sketches of whimsical thoughts, of moonbeams, and starlight. Let your journal live and breathe. Then and only then will this journal become a part of you. It will be your personal spiritual history and guide. It will be a trace of you . . . a small part of you . . . to leave behind . . . so that they will . . . know you for all that you are . . . know you for you . . . know you for all eternity . . .

Paula M. Ezop

Embrace life . . . soar . . . believe in spirit . . .

My spirit journal empowers me
To leave a trace,
A small part of me
Upon this earth . . .
So that they will know me,
Know me for all that I am,
Know me for me,
Know me for all eternity . . .

First Step . . . Finding God . . . Finding the Divine . . .Finding the Light . . .
The first step to discovering your spirit is finding God, finding the Divine, finding the
Almighty . . . (I have always referred to the divine power as God and will do so throughout the journal. When I mention this power as God, you might be more comfortable thinking of divine power, energy, or light. It is up to you . . . it is whatever you relate to personally.) Connecting with this divine power will enrich and grow your spirit. It is through communication with God that you realize that you are of spirit.

Young and old,
Rich and poor,
They are of spirit . . . seeking the light . . . seeking their path
The faithful soar,
Young and old,
Rich and poor . . .

It is very important to have a relationship with God. He has always been there for you, waiting for you to feel His love, waiting for you to need Him and wanting you to reach out and embrace Him. It is up to you to reach out, find God, embrace Him, feel His love and realize that His kindness and love will guide you and make your life richer and more joyous than you can imagine. For with Him all things are possible. With Him you can reach and exceed all your goals in life. He will strengthen your spirit and give you the wisdom and knowledge you need on your journey.

Let your spirit shine . . . and dance to the music of life!
Each of us will find the Almighty, the Divine, or God in different ways and at different times in our lives. For some of us it begins at an early age and for others it happens later in life. For some of us it is very natural and for others it is an extremely difficult task. But once you find the light, the experience is rich and rewarding. The confidence and strength it provides is indescribable. Your spirit will soar!

Relate to the Divine . . .
Receive Direction . . .
Receive . . . Energy . . . Power . . . Strength . . .
Relate to the Divine . . . always and forever . . .
He will lead you . . .
He will guide you . . .
He will love you . . .

Your Relationship with the Divine . . . the Almighty . . . God . . . .
After we find God we have different relationships with Him. There are those who know Him very well. They become best friends with God almost instantaneously. They speak to Him daily and share everything with Him. Spiritually they become giants meeting, and in most cases surpassing, their goals in life. Their destined path is clear; they have been empowered . . . Look out, world, here they come! Their spirits soar!

Pressed Flowers II
by Kollenbaum

Then there are others of us who have a casual relationship with God. We speak to God every now and then and count on Him when we need help. We really don't consider our spirituality as something to be concerned with. We have our goals in life and if we do not achieve our goals we determine that we just aren't lucky. When in reality it isn't a lack of luck but a lack of spirit or direction!

Then there are those who don't know Him at all. They never take the time to try and connect with God. In fact they might even feel anger toward God because they haven't been able to realize their dreams. They feel that life has been unfair to them. Again, it isn't a lack of luck but a lack of spirit or direction. When they find God or the divine power, the force changes their lives forever.

Find God,
Feel His presence,
Feel His power,
Feel His love,
Discover your spirit,
Discover your soul,
Discover your very being . . .

I have found strength, wisdom, love, and kindness. He has answered my every prayer. And, I continue to grow in our relationship as well as grow my spirit within. The strength I receive is phenomenal. I wish I had found this energy, this light, this strength and power earlier in my life, because the affect it has on you as an individual and your accomplishments is awesome! That is the reason I have created this journal and guide; I want to share what I have learned so that you too can become spiritually strong and make all your dreams come true.

Let your spirit guide you . . .
Time to reflect . . . Time to search your innermost being . . . Time to ask yourself about your relationship with the Divine . . . Time to get in touch with your spirit . . . Consider your relationship with God. This is just between you and God . . . between you and the Divine Power. Are you close? Do you communicate? Are you comfortable with your relationship? Do you think it could be improved? What can you do to improve that relationship? Remember, don't be too hard on yourself. After all, we are on a spiritual journey . . . there are no right or wrong answers. You just need to do some soul searching. In order to grow, you need to know where you are now. You need to look inward . . . to connect with your very being . . . to begin to let your spirit speak!

Begin Your Journal:
"My Relationship with the Divine Power . . . written from my heart . . . "
This is where you create your journal. There are many blank journals that you can purchase. They come in all different sizes, and have different covers. Choose one that inspires you and begin your spiritual journey! You might want to copy parts of SPIRIT and paste them in your journal for your own personal reference and guide. Remember, it is your journal . . . your inspiration . . . be free . . . let your spirit be your guide . . . you can do whatever your heart moves you to do . . . .

Believing . . . talking . . . listening . . .
How do you begin? Begin by believing. Believe in the power of God, the power of the Divine, the force, the light that guides us all. Believe that He loves you and that He listens to you. Believe that you can talk to Him and that He will answer you. I can't stress this enough. You must believe and have faith. Believe in the divine power that exists! Believe in your spirit! Believe that your spirit is connected to the power and that His love for you is endless. You will realize your dreams . . . and much, much, much more. Believe, have faith, and your prayers will be answered.

Dream . . . Talk . . . Listen. . . Dream . . . Believe . . . Have Faith . . . Dream . . .
Be of Spirit . . . Be Kind . . . Be Loving . . .

When to talk to God . . .
Find a time in your busy day when you can concentrate and talk to God. I need to have quiet when we speak. So, the best times I have found are in the morning before I get up, while driving to and from work, and in the evening before I fall asleep. And, on those nights when I'm not sleeping well, when I awake I just talk with Him. I talk with Him about everything and anything. Nothing is too trivial to speak to Him about. Open your heart to the power.

How to talk to God . . .
You have conversations just like you would with anyone else except you are talking with God. I normally don't talk out loud to God. Instead, we speak to each other in my mind (if talking out loud is what suits you, by all means do it!) Strangely, I don't feel intimidated by this at all. In fact, it is very comforting to know that I can hold a conversation with Him. He's always there and always ready to speak with me. You are probably saying, "A conversation means that He speaks to you." Yes, He does speak to me and He will speak to you also. You just have to listen, believe, and have faith.

Listen to the wind in the trees,
Know that God is there,
Listen to the silence of a winter's night,
Know that God is there,
Listen to your heart,
Know that God is there,
Be still and listen.

When I first began speaking to God I kept questioning whether or not it was really God who was answering me. After all, this was happening in my mind. I just didn't think it was really possible. I thought that I must be imagining it. Then, one day when I was questioning whether or not God was answering me, a very angry, agitated voice said to me, "I am God!" I heard this loud and clear. In fact, it scared me because I had never heard this angry voice before. It was as if He had lost His patience with me. From then on I never questioned if the voice I was hearing was in fact God's voice.

Know that the force is always with you . . .

Time to believe . . . time to talk . . . time to listen . . .
Begin to let your spirit speak! Give your spirit a voice!

Continue Your Journal:
"These are the things we have talked about and the things I would like to talk about . . . written from my heart . . ."
You might want to copy parts of SPIRIT and paste them in your journal for your own personal reference and guide.

Listening to God's answers . . .
I've found that He answers me in many ways. Sometimes it is a small voice inside my head, and other times it is a feeling a presence. Usually when I am very upset about a situation is when He answers me by giving me a warm feeling, a feeling that everything will be alright . . . like He is saying to me to have faith and believe . . . I know what you are going through and things will work out. You have to keep your mind open. His answers are usually direct and to the point, and come suddenly in response to your prayer. I have found that He usually says "you" when he answers me. His answers can't be ignored. I have at times ignored an answer because it wasn't what I wanted to hear, only to receive the same answer at a later date.

Listen to your heart
Listen to your soul,
Follow your dreams
Be of spirit . . .

Increase your perception . . .
What amazes me most is when I receive answers by what I call synergistic ways. Let me explain. Synergistic ways are when you are given the answers in subtle ways. For examples, when you pick up the newspaper and there's an article that hits home, or you are at the library and suddenly there's a book that is just what you needed to help your situation, or a song comes on the radio that gives you the inspiration that you need, or a person enters your life just at the right moment. God has answered you. Begin to look for these answers by becoming very perceptive. The answers are there. They are revealed to you. You need to be open to receive them.

We are all connected . . . listen for answers . . . look for synergies . . . begin to notice the small coincidences that happen in your life. Things will become clearer to you. You will suddenly have revelations that open your heart and mind to what is happening in your life. (The answers I've received . . . in many ways . . . have made my spirit grow . . . have made my knowledge deepen . . . and my love of life intensify . . . )

Continue Your Journal:
"These are the things we have talked about and the things I would like to talk
about . . . written from my heart . . . He answers my every prayer . . . He is always there to listen . . . answers I have received . . . ways I have received them . . . I pray that you increase my perception so that I might hear you . . ."

You might want to copy parts of SPIRIT and paste them in your journal for your own personal reference and guide.

Bio: Paula Ezop was born on February 17, 1946 in Chicago, Illinois. She is an Aquarian and professes to have entered the age of wisdom . . . she's not getting older . . . she's getting wiser!

Ms. Ezop's passion is writing. She is the author of numerous children's books that are soon to be published online at In addition to being the author of published children's stories, she is the writer of a spiritual fitness column, "Spirit Chatter." Her goal as a writer is to show the true character of spirit and how it empowers all who are in touch with their spirit . . . their soul . . . their very being. She is currently seeking syndication for her column. Her dream is to become a well-known author and syndicated columnist. You can contact Ms. Ezop at the following e-mail address:

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SPIRIT: A Woman's Journal and Guide to Discovering
and Nurturing Her Spirit . . . Her Soul . . . Her Very Being . .

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