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Honor the Goddess
by SuzAnne C. Cole
Then one by one, the women began going to the center of the circle and calling on the goddess of the moon, while the others kept chanting, and the weird flute music wailed on and on. The moon seemed to be getting closer and closer to the earth, filling the circle until we looked like its ruffled edge. Cindy was next to me and pretty soon it was her turn to step into the center.

by Isabelle Carruthers
I've never really watched my mother before, not like I watch her now. I don't know her at all. When I was younger she was just there, a presence that I didn't notice unless I needed her. Now when I look at her I see myself as I will be, some day.

PSSSST! Wanna See Me Naked?
by Mary Corinne Powers
They were smart, they were funny, they were interesting -- and they were TALENTED. I looked around with thinly veiled envy at an array of gorgeous platters, pitchers, vases, and sculptures, as I sanded the most lopsided, woebegone pot ever fashioned. I tried to focus on my own pot -- tried to know it, love it, set it free -- but twelve years of Catholic school and a couple of Ivy League degrees have left me the merest bit...competitive. Goal-oriented. Not to mention terminally afraid to look incompetent.

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