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Welcome to Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a new addition to Moondance, created for and dedicated to aspiring writers of all ages. In this introductory letter to the viewers, Rising Stars editor, Wendi L. Cali, explains how and why this division of Moodance is being established. In addition to the introduction to Rising Stars, aspiring writers of all ages are welcomed and invited to help customize Rising Stars to their needs. Welcome to Rising Stars . . . . . . .

Literary Terms
A collection of literary terms has been compiled by Rising Stars staff for the benefit and ease of beginning writers. These words and definitions are the foundation for a writer's vocabulary. Understanding these terms and being able to use them enables a writer to understand responses to their work, which is vital in revising a piece as well as improving general writing skills.

Top Ten Things to Know
Every artist rightfully has concerns regarding the protection of what they've created. In this Top Ten List, Wendi L. Cali shares the result of her findings when searching for the Top Ten Things to Know About Copyright.

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