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Moondance Nonfiction - Spring 2001 Table of Contents

Because I Am A Woman
by Sara Gil

Infibulation, the most radical and brutal form of genital mutilation is primarily practiced in some Muslim and West African societies. It basically consists of the removal of the clitoris and labia minora and the subsequent removal of some flesh of the labia majora that is sewn together to form a hood over the opening of the vagina.

The Beating of my Silver Pen
by Jess Weaver

Although it happens one hundred and fifteen thousand times a day, I do not ever stop to think about my heart beating; it is a natural part of life. If I had to stop and remind myself to make my heart beat a thousand times a day, I would never get anything else done. It just happens; it is beyond my control. That is the way that writing seems to me: it's natural.

Sleep Creating
by Eric Maisel

Your brain works while you sleep: it dreams, thinks, and creates. You've already had the experience of creating your novel, of finding the right word, the right plot twist, the right image while you were in the land of nod. The idea of sleep creating is not new to you or news to you.

Four Schools of Womanhood
by Danielle Anderson

Society says little girls should play with dolls, tea cups, and teddy bears. Women should have long hair, wear makeup, and be sensitive. Females do not play certain sports or say particular words. Women should emulate runway models. Women should cook, clean, and sew. Conventionality is not a factor in the equation of a great woman.

Hunting the Source
by Jamie Annear

Always, I am hunting. Restlessly I trail over land, searching out the water, feeling the cool air that it brings rushing over my cheeks. I hunt, not for a new home but for a place that brings me back home, to myself, in myself, a place to write where words have meaning, ideas have power and life becomes so layered it's all I can do to keep myself from jumping in and burrowing between the layers, like a mole, or a prairie dog, or the way I burrow underneath the covers of my bed at seven in the morning when the last thing I want to do is work.

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