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The Confession

by M.L. Carmeli

Maybe if I opened my womb to an Israeli army, just maybe I can give birth to the monolith of Zionism," she mused. "And why not? Aren't there other Americans pioneering here?" Her head split open and a sail sprouted out, flapping in the Haifa winds. It sailed down to Cesaerea and continued till it reached Jaffa, then it slammed into Andromeda's rock and sank.

Miss Brown to You

by Ramona Barckert

Lovable, huggable Miss Brown to You/Is baby to me. Billie Holiday

‘Need to be sure not to scowl,’ Tula told herself. ‘Got to be sure to smile and be all white teeth and long, flowing hair. Must be sure to laugh and not roll my eyes. Must be sure to tuck my hair behind my ears and run my fingers under my chin, as I think of answers to Mr. Hansen’s questions. Need to be sure not to throw my arms up in the air in disgust and spit in his face. Got to be sure not to reach across the desk and strangle him for looking at my chest and not my eyes. Need this job, need the money....’


by Connie Biewald

My thirty year old daughter has been in her bedroom closet for almost two days now ... How long does she think a sensible, nice looking man like Randy is going to put up with her nonsense, as loyal a husband as he may be?

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