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Change -- crescent moon --The sun returns from its journey away from us, bringing warmth that melts the snow and stills the freezing wind. Nature generously provides a nurturing cradle as life begins anew. Tender blades of grass rise from the barren earth, flowers bloom, leaves burst forth and fawns appear in the meadows. Puppies play while kittens frolic. Spring is paradise reborn, placing beauty before us, providing inspiration and excitement. We are seized with joy and a zest for life, enchanted when the butterfly takes wing and the rainbow glitters above. Our enthusiasm creates momentum, an anticipation of the future and awe at the wonders of our world. It is a time of choices and passions. Join our "Best of Theme" authors and artists as they explore our spring theme of self-awareness.

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"I know this time that itís more important to have pictures of family and friends for my walls, those CDís I love to listen to and my own familiar mug, than it is to have both a blue shirt and a gray shirt."


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We sneak through brambles,
to watch my brother, her sister,
and peek behind Maple leaves
on the wide, flat stone--

discarded by the Wisconsin Glacier,
too awkward for New England's
shores--now the centerpiece
of this Pennsylvania clearing.


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"They were smart, they were funny, they were interesting -- and they were TALENTED. I looked around with thinly veiled envy at an array of gorgeous platters, pitchers, vases, and sculptures as I sanded the most lopsided, woe-begone pot ever fashioned. I tried to focus on my own pot -- tried to know it, love it, set it free -- but twelve years of Catholic school and a couple of Ivy League degrees have left me the merest bit...competitive. Goal-oriented. Not to mention terminally afraid to look incompetent."



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At dusk, should I rather be a matron? Can the substance of a handsome, round matron and that of a beautiful, sensuous woman coexist? Perhaps, but I won't know until I have bathed in the essence of both. First immersed in one, then in the other.



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