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Creativity is best nurtured in a focused atmosphere. Recognizing the distractions which life can provide, we offer these tenets to provide guidance and support to all.

  1. Write myths to reveal your personal meaning and your relationship to universal meaning, to reach back to the mysterious source residing within your sacred child who stands in awe and wonderment.
  2. Write myths to touch upon eternity, to connect it to your present, to incorporate it into your past and your future. Cosmic time is our connection with all that is magic and the fullness of the metaphysical universe.
  3. Write myths to access the love and knowledge endowed by the Gods and Goddesses. As ancient as the Gods and Goddesses are, they are ever fresh, ever new, ever ready to influence your life. They reside within your heart and are reflected in every thought, every action.
  4. Write myths to investigate your soul, to find what repels you, what you are drawn to, and why they are so powerful. Let these images and legends live again through your words and your imagination that can bring a new understanding to old lore.
  5. Write myths to break free of parochial and patriarchal thought, to endow the feminine with powers of old, to rewrite the female roles of your youth into new adventures which empower you and your female descendants.
  6. Write myths to celebrate the ordinary, to lift the feminine into divinity, to glorify with the heavens that which is innate, to endow sacred ceremony onto feminine traits and intuitions.
  7. Write myths to incorporate the divine into your daily life. Let the Goddess reside on a park bench, the shero's mythic dragon become a modern day danger, her quest to reflect a spiritual transformation needed in modern life.
  8. Write myths to redefine your family and society roles, to heal dysfunctional patterns, to change traditions which no longer apply, to empower yourself and your descendants in new ways.
  9. Write myths to heal our global family, to connect with nature, to unite your dreams and your reality.
  10. Write myths to have fun, to indulge in fantasy, to explore realms beyond those within your reach, to reclaim your spirit of adventure.

    For more help on writing myths, and celebrating the Goddess within, you may want to consult some of these:

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