Moondance Shop - Books Reviewed
Exploration Issue (September—December 2006)

Below are this issue's reviewed books, all of which our staff found entertaining reads in one way or another. If they touch you as well, perhaps you will want to see what else these people have written (or sung) about.

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"What if Your Mother",
by Judith Arcana

In the poem, Arcana answers the question that is always meant to stump: "What if your mother had an abortion?" Her mother did.

Judith Arcana


"He Drown She in the Sea",
by Shani Mootoo

[...]lets a Booker Prize-nominated author Shani Mootoo tackle several themes, including feminism, immigration, and post-colonialism—all with wry insight.

Shani Mootoo


"Category 5: The Story of Camille",
by Ernest Zebrowski &Judith Howard

Proving that true life is always more enthralling than fiction.

Ernest Zebrowski & Judith Howard