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Patse Hamsley--Art Director

As I Am, by Patse Hemsley

I am Patse Hemsley
I am also Indigo Fish
Together we create sensual images
In soft pastels on paper...
Accessible Art That Celebrates Life.
It'll keep my family happy on bouillabaisse
For as long as I live.
I spent nearly half my Life
Creating ads for multinationals
Like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson
SmithKline Beecham, Elida Ponds...
Ugh, the list is endless and unnecessary.
I used to get restless every two years
And move across continents with the speed of sound.
Now I am settled in a beautiful space in the UK
Feeding my soul to its heart's content.

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Elizabyth Burtis-Lopez--Lead Designer

Ihave discovered a medium, in web design, which marries my artistic ability with my passion for computers and the Internet. Moondance Arts is a wonderful place where my artistic fires are being rekindled through my constant exposure to new artists. Currently my day job is at a cutting-edge digital network as a web engineer/ designer/ flash guru/ interactive producer/ AV specialist......and the list goes on...........

4 Monkeys Web Design

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