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A Tail of TimeI find the so called Art World of London extremely discriminatory as only artists with what I call "the one-styled work syndrome" are taken seriously. This "syndrome" is believed to help differentiate the professional artist from the amateur. In my opinion, this ideology is a load of nonsense.

I have many styles, designs and ideas that all have a place in The Real World and can be appreciated by many different types of people.

I am not influenced by any trend or any one particular artist. I don’t choose to paint what the audience can see... only what they can't. I paint what I feel. I express through paint how my gut reacts to a situation... I express my emotions, or feelings.Soul Searching

My early pieces of work were created mainly using pen and ink, sometimes a bit of spit for smudging. In these early pieces, sharp lines are evident... they are quite minimalist in substance, but encapsulate the feeling of sadness, fear, anger and best of all hope.

I have been painting seriously since 1989 and feel extremely fortunate to be able to express myself in this way. The beauty of this talent or skill, if you like, is that it can be shared with the rest of mankind.

Course of GrowthMy long-term goal is to see my work reach its full potential, which I believe, is conceptual paintings for the walls of private collectors, limited edition prints (for those who may not wish to invest in an original), and most importantly of all... my vibrant flowers being applied to exclusive curtain fabric, lampshades, silk scarves and greeting cards.

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