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Janice Mancinelli Sapp
Hebrew Women Artist's Statement

Bath Bottom I intend for my series of Hebrew Women to speak of women's strength, courage and fearlessness in the face of dangerous and life threatening situations. The women of the Hebrew Scriptures who show these qualities are painted in heroic proportions which speaks of each woman's impact on imaginations of artists, writers and musicians.

Betty Siber, Professor of Art History and Art Department Coordinator at Collin Community College in Plano, Texas, says of this series:

Cain"Janice Mancinelli-Sapp paints women from Hebrew Scripture who have been reproduced as an allegory of power, a didactic tool, or an inspiration by artists such as Donatello, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio. Drawing from her theological background and experience, this artist, however, seeks to convey the strength of women by focusing on a single emphasis that speaks of the multiplicity of characteristics that empowered each woman to impact her life and time period. Using 20th century media and techniques, Ms. Mancinelli-Sapp reinterprets her subjects with boldness of scale, composition, and expressiveness."

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