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Artist Statement

Artist's Statement about my work:

AngelMost of my work is dedicated to the image of Russian womanhood, to it's various aspects. She may be a simple country girl or a sophisticated urban woman, but she is always feminine and beautiful. The charm of my work lies in its sensitive beauty and wealth of images. My work depicts sadness, but sometimes also gentle humor, which I skillfully convey with the movements of my brush and the delicate lines of my pencil. Graphics occupy a special place in my work.

Where I believe I fit in the traditions of Russian or International Art:

I was influenced in my work by such famous artists as Tamara de Lempicka, Zinaida Serebryakova and Gustav Klimt. I am fond of art nouveau and modernism. I admire the delicate lines, interweaving images and use of color by masters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But my work is distinguished by its contemporary, independent creative approach and the personal perceptions of the artist.

"My favorite themes are Russian women, Russian ballet," Olga stated in an interview with the Russian newspapers, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and "Moscow News."

Collections (Private or public) where Olga's work may be found:

  • Gallery of the INA Corporation (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Gallery "The Nevsky" (Cohoes Commons, mCohoes, New York, USA)
  • private collection of Jeanne Vronskaya, publisher of the "European Herald" (London, England)
  • private collection of the Japanese Minister-Envoy to Russia, Akio Kawato (Moscow, formerly Japanese Consul General in Boston, USA)
  • private collection of the former Slovenian Ambassador to Russia, Sasha Gerzhina (Ljubljana)
  • a number of other private collections in the United States and Yugoslavia.


Media, Style, Subject Matter: Oil on canvas. Pen (acrylic), paper. Recently I have been working in water-color, oil, pen and pencil. My favorite genres are portraits, still-life and composition.

Portfolio can be viewed via Internet at URL: http://www.roscontract.ru/gallery

e-mail nekrasov@roscontract.ru

Olga Dunayeva

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