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  • I create computer dreamscapes.
  • I have focused my artwork on the Internet.
  • I am playing with the aesthetics of confusion.
  • I am combining technology and pleasant experiences.
  • I am always looking to collaborate with other Internet Artists.

Gossamer Goddess Morphs into CyberspaceWe first became aware of Carmin Karasic through her work with ArtNetWeb's 1997 Digital extravaganza, "PORT: Navigating Digital Culture," in which she teamed with Leslie Everett for a production titled, "CyberDance Myths". Though Carmin has called herself a fledgling in the arts world she has quite an impressive resume and has come a long way in a short period of time. Once a slave to the corporate world with a background in computer science Ms. Karasic has done what many have dreamed to do by abandoning the slave-driving world of 9 to 5 doldrums in pursuit of her love of all that be digital and beautious. Carmin now is the C.E.O. of her own succesful software engineering business, Pixelyze. As you view the art work in her gallery and read an excerpt from "Passionate Interests," a performance piece with John Hopkins, you also will be pleased Carmin has made the correct choice to follow her heart while pursuing her dream of living in cyberspace.

Passionate Interests

Perception from various perspectives:Pyramid Dream

  • reality is what we perceive it to be.
  • a true story can be very different as told from different
  • behavior and body language are interpreted through our personal filters.
  • issues of diversity and cultural awareness.
  • differences in accepted beliefs / values across generations.
  • new visions / altered visions / new connections / interaction between

An artist's responsibility: my personal artist ethics

as activist :

  • responsibility to reflect the environment; the artist as illuminator
  • responsibility to community; civil obligation

as an artist today :

  • responsibility to create the art of becoming rather than art of
    existence ( Roy's Ascott's writings -- I'm a serious Ascott disciple)
  • responsibility to work in the esthetics of confusion -- art that
    requires the audience to think about the work and come up with their own
    interpretation that may be very different from someone else's
    interpretation or even their own thoughts before thinking about the
    particular art piece. -- Or art that requires audience participation to
    complete the work, like our performance!

CyberduetAny and all cybertheory-- my absolute favorite topic

cyber attractions :

  • what makes the electricity flow between strangers in a text based
  • how & why people connect, or try to connect, online for social reasons
  • how are personality, body language, intent conveyed online?
  • cyber-connectivity -- I see my cyberbuds, like you, more as nodes
    (link points) than as people.

cyberfuturist theory :

  • the evolution on humans to bionic beings-- I'm borg, but not every
    one is, even tho we are all digitized, and we are always/already code.
  • Roy Ascott's writings about the future
  • nanotechnology
  • information and communication = the currencies/commodities of
    cyberspace; how will that play out in cyber-economics, cyber-societies,
    cyber evolution

Last but not least -- issues of honesty.Water Trees

  • as in honesty to self vs responsibility to others, and related
    behavioral consequences

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