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The DreamCarmin Karasic is a software engineer and digital artist. She currently works part time as a software quality engineer and web developer. When she's not testing software, she's usually working on some aspect of digital art. She may be creating new art, collaborating on a computer art project, or developing websites. Carmin has collaborated with artists in various Internet projects and has been invited to exhibit her work in virtual galleries in Massachusetts and Bath, UK. She has also the chaired the Boston based MJT Dance Company Board of Directors for the 3 years.

She received an undergraduate math degree from Suffolk University, Boston. She also would have met the requirements for a computer science degree, if they had had one at the time. At her graduation, the math department honored Carmin for her important contributions to their community.

Carmin has 18 years experience in information systems application development and in software development. In that time she has worked in the Boston metro area, progressing steadily from programmer to technical manager. She has worked at Teradyne Inc., Polaroid Corp., Lotus Development Corp. and Fidelity Investments. She managed Lotus' Human Resources Systems and Financial Systems. Carmin managed a hypertext development project at Fidelity, until she realized she was a digital artist trapped in a Project Manager's body. This simple realization changed her life. She decided to trade the glory of management for the personal satisfaction of creating digital art.

Gossamer Goddess Morphs into CyberspaceIn 1995, Carmin began studying digital art at Mass College of Art. She returned to Lotus as a member of the Lotus Notes Quality Engineering team. She left Lotus to become the Resident Artist for the DoWhile Studio, in Boston. The residency allowed her to explore many technical areas, including animation, audio and video editing, 3D modeling, technical considerations for printing digital images, and web design. During her residency, she learned to appreciate the artist's responsibility to the community at large. She also decided to commit herself to introducing computers to urban youth through art.

Carmin collaborated with Leslie Everett on "CyberDance Myths", an Internet Art installation which was exhibited at MIT's List Visual Arts Center in March, 1997. "CyberDance Myths" was part of Port: Navigating Digital Culture, a groundbreaking Internet Art event designed by NYC's Artnetweb. Carmin also participated as a key technical assistant in the gallery during Port; implementing Internet technologies and assisting artists world-wide.

PassionShe is now a telecommuting member of the Artnetweb technical team. "Gossamer Goddess Morphs into Cyberspace" was shown at World Arts Association First Member's Show, Bath, UK, Virtual Gallery, March 14 - April 10, 1998.

Carmin's piece, "Underground Railroad in Cyberspace," is the only digital art currently being shown at the Harriet Tubman House gallery, Boston, MA. Her work is also online as the Linz, Austria based ARS Electronica featured Infowar collaboration called "SWARM" and at the Bath, UK based PROCESS Art-in-Progress virtual gallery, and at the Massachusetts, USA based Sobo virtual gallery.

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