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Janice Mancinelli SappBathsheba-top

"I intend for my series of Hebrew Women to speak of women's strength, courage and fearlessness in the face of dangerous and life threatening situations. The women of the Hebrew Scriptures who show these qualities are painted in heroic proportions which speaks of each woman's impact on imaginations of artists, writers and musicians."

Janice's "Bathsheba-Top" is featured as Moondance's "Best of Theme" for Summer (Fire).

Failure to Reach the Intended Destination, by Shirley Malone Shirley Malone

" I am not influenced by any trend or any one particular artist. I don’t choose to paint what the audience can see... only what they can't. I paint what I feel. I express through paint how my gut reacts to a situation... I express my emotions, or feelings."

Olga Dunayevaby Olga Dunayeva

" Most of my work is dedicated to the image of Russian womanhood, to it's various aspects. She may be a simple country girl or a sophisticated urban woman, but she is always feminine and beautiful. The charm of my work lies in its sensitive beauty and wealth of images."

Coderush, by Carmin KarasicCarmin Karasic

Once a slave to the corporate world with a background in computer science Mrs. Karasic has done what many have dreamed to do by abandoning the slave-driving world of 9 to 5 doldrums in pursuit of her love of all that be digital and beautious.

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