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1. Unsolicited submissions of art of all media will be accepted providing they reflect the values of Moondance and are sensitive to issues concerning women. However artists do not have to be female. We welcome submissions from men, believing in balance in all things at all times.

2. Please note that there is no monetary compensation at this time. However a showcase of appropriate work in the relevant space does inspire positive response and sales. Many of our readers do inquire about works for sale, so you are invited to share our showcase.

3. Please submit up to 12 pieces of artworks either by email to with "Arts Department" and the title of the submission in the subject line.

4. Alternatively, you can post clear unmounted photographs (not slides) to Patse Hemsley at the UK address below. Please include an SASE (International Reply Paid Coupons) if you’d like your photographs returned.

5. Please make sure all works are labeled correctly and if they are for sale, specify whether they are Available or NFS under the titles. A short paragraph about each work can be added if you so wish. This is a great opportunity to talk about your work and enhance clear communication between your art and its audience.

6. Include a short statement, CV, and biography as well as contact details (email address as well as web site URL if you have one).

7. The artists chosen to be featured will be scheduled for an exclusive interview with members of our Arts Department.

9. For information regarding the sales of artworks, commission levels, or terms of payment, please email Patse Hemsley at

10. Artists will retain copyright on all submitted works.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Snail Mail Art Submissions to address coming soon:

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