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Marketing/PR Manager Vacant
Assistant Marketing Manager Vacant
Assistant PR Manager Vacant
Marketing Consultant/Search Engines Alyson Shuttleworth
Newsletter Director Vacant
Newsletter Editor Vacant
Newsletter Assistant Editor Kerri-Ann Sheppard
Newsletter List Moderator Vacant
Awards & Web Rings Vacant
Announcements Head Vacant
Announcements Assistant Vacant
Cosmic Connections Editor Sarah Hartmann
Cosmic Connections Assistant Editor Vacant
Forum Administrator Stéphane Bergeron
Forum Moderator Vacant
Assistant Forum Moderator Deanna Goodson
Cabana Boy Training & Recruitment Christine L. Reed

Alyson Shuttleworth

Search Engines
Alyson (Ally) lives in York, England and is a Media Planner at Brand New Media. Alyson is also the co-founder of Funkycat Search. Consulting in all areas of Online Marketing, she tends to specialise in Search Engines and Online Advertising.

Kerri-Ann Sheppard

Newsletter Assistant Editor

Sarah Hartmann

Cosmic Connection Editor

Stéphane Bergeron

Forum Administrator
Web Focus Design
Stéphane is a professional Web designer who has turned his fascination for technology and computers into a craft that enables him to put his extensive background in music to good use in the Multimedia industry. He is a mostly self taught guitar player, composer and lyricist (French and English) and has been playing music professionally for over 15 years and guitar since age 11. After the demise of his last band and the recording of a full unreleased album, he decided to go back to school studying Web design, graphic design and Multimedia. He's now building his own Web design/multimedia business,Webfocus Design, and keeps learning new skills to stay ahead of the industry's incredibly fast paced evolution. A Quebec native and French Canadian, Stéphane lives in a gorgeous small town about 40 minutes away from Montreal with his life partner of 8 years Isabelle.

Deanna Goodson

Assistant Forum Moderator

Christine L. Reed

christine reedCabana Boy Training & Recruitment
Christine L. Reed is the editor and publisher of Maelstrom, a small press literary magazine. She lives in Tranquility with her three children and very large stacks of papers and books that probably have unpaid bills scattered amongst them. Her work has been published internationally in many magazines, anthologies and web venues including: Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Kimera, Conspire, Recursive Angel, Thorny Locust and many others.