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Editorial Manager Tamour Allen
Assistant Editorial Manager Jan Hodges
Bookstore Manager VACANT
Bookstore Editor Tracey Martin
Columns Editor Lauran Strait
Columns Assistant Editor Amy Leigh Owen
Columns Copyeditor Joyce Wakefield
Cosmic Connections Editor Jewel Sofia Younge
Cosmic Connections Assistant Editor VACANT
Fiction Editor Beate Sigriddaughter
Fiction Assistant Editor Ann Harth
Fiction Copyeditor Pam Willis
Inspirations Editor Jen Moore
Inspirations Assistant Editor Kimberlee Gerstmann
Inspirations Copyeditor Marianne Vincent
Inspirations Copyeditor Nanette Rayman Rivera
Nonfiction Editor Kaliya Okuri
Nonfiction Assistant Editor Kristina Marie Darling
Nonfiction Copyeditor Jane Soliman
Poetry Editor Nanette Rayman Rivera
Poetry Assistant Editor Jennifer Houle
Poetry Assistant Editor VACANT
Reviews Editor Moira Richards
Reviews Assistant Editor Lys Anzia
Reviews Copyeditor Teresa Wilson
Song and Story Editor Elisabeth "Lis" Wilhelm
Song and Story Assistant Editor Melinda Hugo
Song and Story Copyeditor Sarah Eaton
Letters to the Editor VACANT
Quality Control Editor Jan L. Hodges
Proofreader VACANT

Tamour Allen

Tamour Allen
Editorial Manager

Tamour Allen is a writer and artist and is the Editorial manager at Moondance. She has numerous writings strewn about the net, as well as in print, including the national cuisine magazine Louisiana Cookin'. Her art has been shown in various galleries and festivals. She relishes in metaphors and the subtle twist of a phrase, and delights in bringing both pictures and words together, blending the synchronicity of nature into our world.

Jan L. Hodges

Assitant Editorial Manager,
Quality Control Editor

Tracey Martin

Bookstore Editor

Lauran Strait

Columns Editor
Lauran, a freelance writer and professional editor, teaches writing and editing, and facilitates several year-round writers' workshops. In addition to her editing duties at Moondance, Lauran also edits for NFG, a Canadian Print Magazine. Some of her work has been featured in Dog-eared, Gator Springs Gazette, AtomicPetals, Retrozine, Copperfield Review, A Woman of a Certain Age, Moondance, Monkey Bicycle, Insolent Rudder, LongStoryShort, Edifice Wrecked, The Virginian Pilot, Whistling Shade Literary Review, Somewhat, Green Tricycle, and Reading Divas. One of her essays was read on NPR's literary show, Word By Word. She is the winner of the NFG's 4th Great 69er contest. She has print work forthcoming Sept. 2005 in Random House's Knitlit the Third--We Spin More Yarns anthology and in the summer of 2005 in Better Nonsequitor's anthology entitled See You Next Tuesday.
Lauran and her literary agent are in the process of trying to find a publisher for three of her novels.

Amy Leigh Owen

Columns Assistant Editor

Joyce Wakefiled

Columns Copyeditor
Joyce Wakefield is a recent transplant to California from Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, she was a member of the Individual Artists of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, and the Oklahoma City Writers. She has many poems published including Poems Niederngasse, Loch Raven Review, and Byline Magazine. She has published two chapbooks of poetry, sold several short stories, and has a full length book of poetry with an editor now. In California, she is establishing her freelance writing business including copy writing and editing, ghost writing, and web copy.

Jewel Sofia Younge

Jewel Sofia Younge
Cosmic Connections Editor
Using several pen names, including S.P. Brown, 53935, and Sweet Potato, Jewel Sophia Younge has published a short story, which appears in "Hot Chocolate" offered by Brown Skin Books, and a number of poems. Excerpts from her plays have appeared in exhibits in New York and Havana, Cuba. Most recently she worked as a production assistant on the Coquie Hughes film, "Did I Just Look at Her" and won an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Lamia Ink One Page Play Competition. Jewel Sophia Younge is a Minneapolis born, St. Louis reared playwright who teaches, writes, and resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Beate Sigriddaughter

Fiction Editor
Beate grew up in Nürnberg, Germany. After graduating from a Lutheran girls high school, she studied at Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences. She graduated 10th in her class with a B.A. in English and Philosophy. She has published short stories and poetry, as well as a book of poems, and recently completed a pro-peace novel. If that's not enough—and in keeping with our dance theme—she also teaches ballroom dance and has competed professionally in the American Rhythm/Latin division. Beate is a current resident of Colorado since 1992, and, as a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, she facilitated one of their critique groups for over two years. She is also a member of the International Women's Writing Guild, and she spends much of her strictly writing time in Vancouver, Canada.

Ann Harth

Ann Harth
Fiction Assistant Editor
Ann Harth lives with her husband, two children, horses, cows, quails and wallabies at the edge of the rainforest in northeastern Australia. She is a freelance manuscript assessor, copyeditor, proofreader and ghostwriter as well as a published author. Ann writes in all genres of children's fiction from picture books to young adult novels as well as adult fiction and non-fiction. She has successfully completed several text-editing projects for university students and authors, and is an editor for Greypath.com. She is also on the creative writing staff of www.storydog.com, a website for children.

Pam Willis

pam willis
Fiction Copyeditor
Pamela Willis is the author of a Nancy Drew Mystery in the Simon and Schuster paperback series and has published articles and short stories in various online and print publications. She is currently employed as a journalist for Suburban News Publications. Pam is also collaborating with her identical twin sister on a suspense novel featuring twins.

Jen Moore

Inspirations Editor
Jennifer Moore is a freelance writer and editor based in the Washington, DC area. Her work has appeared in "Morbid Curiosity", "The Grapevine", and "Washington Asia Press". Some of her work appears at: http://paper_clip.livejournal.com.

Kimberlee Gerstmann

Inspirations Assitant Editor

Marianne Vincent

Inspirations Copyeditor

Nanette Rayman Rivera

Inspirations Copyeditor
She is a writer & actress living in New York City. She has performed in independent films, off-off Broadway plays and was a waitress on All My Children. Nanette is an emerging poet and is featured in numerous online magazines, as well as many prominent print publications nationwide. She was also accepted into Directory of American Poets and Writers from Poets & Writers Magazine in 2006.

Kaliya Okuri Main

Nonfiction Editor
Kaliya Okuri loves reading and writing, and she tries to do both as much as she can. An inveterate roamer, she soaks up the climate of wherever life places her and adopts it as her own. Her writings can be found in a number of local newspapers throughout the US.
"For some time now," says Kaliya, "I have been writing. I have completed a novel and am moving towards publishing it, I have written research papers, and I am an active member of Distributed Proofreaders, a web based organization of proofreaders who prepare books for distribution through Project Gutenberg. Also, for many years I have been writing and creating marketing materials for my chamber music ensembles and for associates’ groups, an activity which I enjoy."

Kristina Marie Darling

Nonfiction Assistant Editor
Kristina is an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. Her poems and personal essays have appeared in several online and print journals, including Wicked Alice, Chantarelle's Notebook, The Mid-America Poetry Review, The Mad Hatters' Review, Subtle Tea, freefall, and The Other Voices International Project. A chapbook of her poems, Fevers and Clocks, was recently published by March Street Press, and two other poetry chapbooks have been accepted for future publication, House of Fame (Powerscore Press, forthcoming) and The Traffic in Women (Dancing Girl Press, forthcoming in October 2006). She also currently reviews books for the online journal The Dream People.

Jane Soliman

Nonfiction Copy Editor

Nanette Rayman Rivera

nanette rayman rivera
Poetry Editor
Nanette Rayman Rivera, a two-time Pushcart nominee is the author of Project:Butterflies, published by Foothills Publishing and alegrias, published by Lopside Press. She is the first recipient of the Glass Woman Prize and was nominated by Chantarelle's Notebook for Best of the Net Anthology. Publications include The Worcester Review, The Berkeley Fiction Review, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Pebble Lake Review, Lily, Dragonfire, Arsenic Lobster, MiPOesias, Carousel, Barnwood, Pedestal, Sein Und Werden, The Externalist, Words and Pictures, Stirring, Wicked Alice, The Centrifugal Eye, Mannequin Envy, Small Spiral Notebook, Red River Review, 5 Trope, Velvet Avalanche Anthology. Forthcoming: ken *again, Tipton, Grasslimb, Farrago's Wainscott. She is shopping her memoir around to publishers, the story of a life gone horribly wrong, the story of the real deal in the homeless, welfare, public housing system, that no one else will tell you.

Jennifer Houle

Poetry Assistant Editor

Moira Richards

moira richards
Reviews Editor
Moira Richards lives in a small town on the southernmost coast of Africa where she pursues her long-time career as an accountant, and her fledgling one as writer. Her book reviews can be found in a number of online and print publications, and she can often be found lounging about the staff rooms of WomenWriters.net, and MoonDance.org.

Lys Anzia

Lys Anzia
Reviews Assistant Editor
Women News Network
In 1979, Lys Anzia was the first woman on the programming board for Public TV Channel 12 KBDI in Denver, CO. She was co-creator of Nexus Magazine in 1981. After an early career in training for public radio broadcasting with Pacifica affiliate station WPFW in Washington, DC, Lys continued her interest in radio at NPR affiliate station KGNU in Boulder, CO. In 2003, after writing for years as an historical American playwright , Lys' play, JACKS, was performed simultaneously at numerous theatre locations nationwide. Fremont Theatre in LA had one actor in the cast, F. William Parker, from NBC PrimetimeTV show, The West Wing, and one other star, Rob Moran, from NBC Network, Days of Our Lives. Today Lys is working as a correspondent for the international radio syndicate WINGS and is also a contributing book review editor for Moondance Magazine, a UNESCO award winning online magazine for women. For the last four years, she has been an active member of the Boulder Media Women, a professional group of over 370 women publishers, publicists, authors, editors, filmmakers, playwrights, TV & radio producers and writers.

Teresa Wilson

Reviews Copyeditor
Teresa is currently a freelance writer, technical editor and translator living in the Texas beautiful cultural meca of Austin, Texas. She has previous experience in editing and copy editing academic social science journals as well as translating technical documents, and she also edits educational manuscripts. Teresa has also written scientific articles for publication in professional physics and astronomy journals. She has an extensive knowledge and education with an impressive Ph.D. in Music (Acoustics) from the University of Washington, and an M.A. in Physics (Optics) from the University of Rochester, as well as a B.S. in Physics and Math and a B.A. in Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. She has also worked as a software engineer at TRW.

Elisabeth "Lis" Wilhelm

Song and Story Editor
Elisabeth Wilhelm is a German-American teenage writer who loves Western riding and parliamentary procedure and debate. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is a question she loathes to get. Elisabeth simply smiles and responds that she is already a writer. Elisabeth is an advocate for youth and the arts, and spends a lot of time working with other teenagers, both online and off, to develop useful resources for teenage writers. She writes in a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, but spends more time editing nowadays for places like Kiwibox.com and contributing to N2Arts.com and WoodWorksEzine.com. The 18-year-old writer currently resides in Heidelberg, Germany, and hopes to attend a college with a creative writing major in the vicinity of New York City in 2005.

Melinda Hugo

Song and Story Assistant Editor