Center for Creative Growth

Do you dream of the chance to nurture your creativity in a setting designed to encourage your artistic potential? Our Center for Creative Growth, sponsored by Women Artists and Writers International, is currently being organized to provide online instruction. CCG will be a virtual campus, offering members the opportunity to enhance their understanding of a variety of literary and artistic disciplines, as well as those concerning business and everyday living.

CCG's online courses will be conducted by enthusiastic instructors dedicated to helping you reach your creative goals. Members will find classes for aspiring writers and artists, and also for those individuals who are just beginning to seek ways to enrich their lives with artistic endeavors. All of life can be creative when you understand how.

It is our sincere wish to offer our readers a global learning center that reflects the needs and aspirations of our students. Counselors who desire to share what they have learned are invited to send their resumes. Your suggestions for course topics would be greatly appreciated.

Are you ready to take those first steps toward a life rich in growth and creativity? Or do you wish to share your creative knowledge, whether in business or the arts, with others from around the world? Our Center For Creative Growth invites you to join with us in a joyous experience.

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