by Valerie Wilkinson

About a month ago, an idea overtook me—literally reached out, grabbed hold, and refused to let go. I walked onto my dilapidated deck and imagined something new in my back yard, something different, something that called to my soul.

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Running out of Possibilities

by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan

I read horoscopes to remember what I longed for now that most of those glowing possibilities have turned into earthly realities. Yes, reading my horoscope can make me feel like most of the possibilities that used to be ahead of me lie behind me now. But that's not necessarily a bad feeling.

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Manners Maketh Man

by Kay Sexton

Mea culpa. At some point between my French idyll and my rosy recollections of it, I'd turned into the kind of woman who'd buy a freezer-full of bread to save a few minutes and, in so doing, would break a chain of communication that had been sustained for centuries by nothing more than the good manners of giving time to others.

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Adrift on a Sea of Madness

by Alicia Hunt

Out of habit, I dutifully checked the contents of the morning tray. There are only six things they try to bleach away from places like this: the remains of feces, urine, vomit, blood, death, and the food. The tray today, as always, looked like it contained a little bit of each.

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