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Title: The Mary Magdalene Within

Written by Joan Norton

Published by: iUniverse Press, NY

ISBN: 0595338402

Genre: Non-fiction

Reviewed by: Loretta Kemsley

Superb. Made my heart sing.

Told from Mary Magdalene’s perspective, this book reveals a respect between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a treasuring of her feminine wisdom and reverence for the feminine divine.

"This he knew of me, that my ways in the world belong to another time and place and not merely to the time we lived in. He knew this, in his way of being a ‘seer.’ He saw the older temple life of women living separate from men, he knew these ways of life to be sacred to women."

What a powerful statement for recognition of the feminine divine.

Mary Magdalene speaks frankly, but not explicitly, about their sexual union, their sharing of thoughts and teaching each other while teaching others together as a team. It also speaks of the hardships of being accepted for who they are and in gaining acceptance of their vision of the Divine and Divine Love:

"What would the rib be? Protector of the heart. This he knew and thus he treated me as his protector, as his way of knowing the heart on Earth. He had seen the truth of all, had seen his own Godself in the other world through the veil. He knew he, and we, were all this, were all connected extensions of our own Godself and our own ‘Father.’"

Sacred sexuality should be part of all our lives. Our sexuality is a divine creation, so why would it be hated by the divine? For what reason did we come to this earth if not to experience it in its fullest? Did we come to reject that which our creator loved? If something is divinely created, how can it be profane? Why should we hate it? This book provides a rich alternative with the gentle, graceful language of their love:

"When our bodies twined as one he said he knew how the rivers loved the earth, how the oceans felt about the shores. I gave him knowing of love of the body as love of the Earth. He loved my body as a teacher of the rhythms of the Earth. Men are without knowledge of the rhythms which are the ebb and flow of all Creation, without knowledge of a woman’s bodylife and her experience as an Earth."

If we knew how the rivers loved the earth and how the oceans felt about the shores, would we dare pollute them or force them apart? We do both, along with all other manner of destruction to the sacred, innocent purity of nature. We do the same destruction to ourselves when we reject that which is divinely given.

"When night came we could meld ourselves together and experience the vastness of our mind’s reach far beyond the physical world. We made love like all are capable of doing. With all giving, with all acceptance, with all wonder. To make love as we did is the mind’s way of loosening its hold on Earth consciousness, of disappearing itself. We did it thusly, as a way to disappear our lives into their origins for a short while."

We can divorce ourselves from the divine nature of sexuality, but we cannot do that without warping our spiritual selves and our natural place in this world. This is true if we separate the sexual experience from the divine via indulging without spiritual connection and is also true when we despise it, thus avoiding our sexuality completely.

Women enjoy a special connection with nature via their creative and nurturing abilities. The recognition of our natural feminine essence is as refreshing as the flow of warm water or the radiance of moonlight.

Here’s another quote, Mary Magdalene’s remembrance of his thoughts: "He told men to watch the tenderness of women towards their world and they would see the true nature of God. For God so loved His world that he sent his begotten son, is how you came to know this idea. The idea was a shock then, that there was a force, a God, who loved Creation. Would a Mother hate the child she bore? It is the same idea, he would say to the crowds. A mother loves her creation and God is a mother as he is a guiding father."

A read well worth the time.

BIO: Loretta Kemsley's passion is a quest for knowledge. She enjoys sharing inspiring books with our readers. You can visit Lore's Lair at or write to her at

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