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Touching the Sky, Feeling the Earth

The bridge in my mind - Original art by Ianlabs - Reinterpretation: Michelle Petit-Sumrall
"We don't so much chase the meaning of life so much as we do the rapture of being alive."
~ Joseph Campbell

Something inside said, "Go out. Look up." I did, and my day was transformed. The sun slowly disappeared over the horizon, leaving a breathtaking palette in its wake: orange, pink and purple clouds settling low atop the mountains. How easy it would have been to shrug off that small voice or delay my response. My intense concentration on the problems of the moment could have coerced me into missing this spectacular and soothing gift. As the heavens sank into darkness and the stars emerged, the knot in my stomach loosened, and my world righted itself. Thank you, I whispered, thank you for intuition.

In The Sacred Purpose of Being Human, Jacquelyn Small wrote, "We're forgetting how to live the simple, natural way of just being ourselves. What's being left out of most human living today is the essential Self, our incarnated soul. Though we are spiritual souls living in a human bodies, there's little recognition of this identity as fact. This means the very core of our nature capable of inspiring, healing and transforming us is being virtually ignored."

Amid the hustle and bustle, the noise and the confusion, the pressure of deadline and the cry of a child, I do ignore my essential Self. Yet each time I remember, each time I listen when that inner voice says, "Take a moment," I become different. I like myself better. I am happier, more patient, better able to see the joy around me. Yet it doesn't last, mostly because I am not skilled at consistently honoring the part of me that others don't value.

How many times have each of us heard disparaging remarks about our intuitiveness, our natural way of touching universal energy? Finally, studies are showing these spiritual, healing, intuitive ways are in fact the basis for success.

Sonia Choquette, in Trust Your Vibes at Work, discussed leaders in several fields. "By leading with their vibes (as I call the sixth sense because it operates as a subtle vibrating force that centers in the heart and resonates throughout the body) these people are becoming leaders and role models for others."

For a long time I feared I would have to leave loved ones behind if I followed my natural inclinations. It was hard to speak of my ideas to them, harder still to stir myself to action. I'm sorry I waited. It was necessary to be prepared for the expected rejections, but they never materialized. When I finally had the courage to share my dream, friends and family rallied round and cheered me on.

It could have been different, would have been different if I had not prepared the way. Before I was ready to seek my dream, I carefully moved away from potential saboteurs. There would be enough discouragement along the way. I didn't need to carry it with me under the guise of objections voiced by others. At first, I felt guilty leaving them behind but then guilt turned to relief. I felt safer, stronger, my energy better directed.

Next came visualization. In Finding Your Way Home, Melody Beattie provided the perfect mental image: "Picture yourself starting at the entrance to a bridge...To get to the other side, you need to step onto the bridge and walk across. The side you're starting on is a little dark. It's familiar, but it's not where you want to be anymore. Even if you have some fear, envision yourself fully excited and curious to get to the other side. You may not be able to see what's on the other side clearly yet, but it looks greener, lighter, happier over there. Feel your desire and determination to cross the bridge."

My first bridge was pretty shaky, as if hanging suspended between two steep cliffs, swaying with every footstep or bit of breeze. I held on tight and didn't look down, stealthily putting one foot in front of the other until I was safe on the other side. The earth beneath my feet never felt so wonderful before. My second bridge was shorter and easier, more solid and less frightening. I have several more in front of me. They appear easier with each passing day.

I no longer have to pretend: I am excited and curious as to my destination. Wherever it is, it will be better than what I left behind. I already know it is filled with spectacular sunsets and joyous sunrises. It will be simpler and more natural. It will feed my soul. It will be filled with the rapture of being alive.

I'm ready to honor my essential Self. I hope you are too.

By Loretta Kemsley
Women Artists and Writers International
Writer, Editor and Editorial Coach

Loretta Kemsley's Personal Portfolio: Women's Writings

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