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Photo by Catherine Reinehr
Elisa; by Stephanie Nolasco

She left me in front of my shattered glass door, weeping. I waved goodbye to her, and she didn't look back.
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Drinking; by Regina Walker
Alcohol has been the obsession that has transcended any other obsession. It has outlived any other relationship. My devotion to it turned into slavery and even during the times I have been able to turn my back on it completely, the times felt more like separations; never divorces.
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An Owl, a Crow, and a Nudge Toward the Tarot; by Dove Star

When I arrived home afterward, I was still shaken by what had just occurred. "What have I done?" I thought. I sat down in my living room without removing my coat, my heart still pounding. I mindlessly looked over at my precious Tarot cards. I picked them up and asked, "What do you think about what I just did?"
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