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'The Woman Who Knew It All' Ki Longfellow
“There is more to this symbolic tale of the soul lost in matter and longing to “know” its home again.”
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'The Secret Magdalene' by Ki Longfellow, Reviewed by Loretta Kemsley
Loretta Kemsley's review of Ki Longfellow's "The Secret Magdalene"
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'I Saw Jesus (Two Dreams)' by Karen Templin
“…I looked at Jesus again. He continued to walk as though he were on a mission. He didn't even seem to notice how deeply frightened I was. Meanwhile, the panic in me continued to rise. The place seemed utterly evil. I thought to myself, I want to leave! I need to get out of here! I wanted to tell him, but I was afraid to tell him. I struggled with my thoughts. What if he ignores me, and keeps on walking? What if he says no? I'm not sure if he will do it. He may not do it…”
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'The Refuge of Words' by Elizabeth P. Glixman

"…I had no path, no faith, while others around me glowed with the life possibilities of Wall Street brokerage firms, MBAs, MAs, PhDs, mortgages, Peace Corps stints, drug-induced dreams parents would pay for, or unhurried lives in suburbia with high school sweethearts, where decorating the kitchen would be a priority.

The sixties had left me jumbled like a Cubist painting. My eyes were not certain where they belonged on the palette of my face, and my thoughts were up and down everywhere, searching for another way to say ‘peace, love, and happiness.’ "
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'The Creativity Beast' by Lyndy McGill-Rothery

Over the years—well the last five or so—I’ve peeked at my Creativity Beast and, like some enormously prolific plant, it seems to double and triple in size with the slightest hint of light. It constantly beckons me to embrace it, release it, and hang on tight!
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'Teresa' by Kam Rigas

“I returned home to Brazil, after a long absence, older but certainly not with any newfound wisdom.”
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'Cost of Loving Me' by Lisa Guest
“Coming out of the blue cocoon of class I determined that I would lavish the love I wanted upon myself... the same love I’ve fantasized another might give to me.”
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