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Poppy, Shirley Harshenin (c) 2005

Protection, Liesl Jobson

Leapetswe's name means protection—and indeed, had he used protection, he probably still would be alive today.
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It's all Love to Me, Diane E. Dees

I never forgot the excitement of seeing the dancer-like Goolagong on the great grass court, and before long, I became caught up in her rivalry with Chris Evert, my favorite tennis player for years.
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Impossible Missions, Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
I often find myself in odd places doing unusual things I don’t know how to do—such as trying to cram an unconscious woman into the backseat of a small Fiat.
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Conversations with a Crone, Kay Sexton

We were at our local multiplex cinema when I realized that I’d become an interfering old woman—or at least, I was practicing to be one.
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The Pull of the Ocean, Sarah Bain

The beach is the one place I can still go where I feel the calmest and the most at peace. There, I can escape from the reality of my life, from the emotions that hold me back. I can feel free.
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My Three Gardens, Myfanwy Collins
Our plot measured 20 by 50 feet. Maybe we bit off more than we could chew. But I was resolute. I wanted this garden. I would do it all myself if I had to.
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