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'My Goddess Pilgimage to Crete' by Mary Ann Beavis
A very powerful part of the pilgrimage was the sharing times built into our daily activities. Most evenings, all participants got together after dinner for about an hour of discussing what had brought us to Crete, and what we had found. As an introvert, I found this a bit intimidating, but one evening, I found myself crying as I tried to express how touching I found the sight of the elderly nuns and Cretan peasant women dressed in their traditional garb of black dresses, heads covered by babushkas. I realized during the process that I was finally grieving the deaths of both my mother and my grandmother in the 1990s.
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'I Would Like To Tell You A Story' by Leona Stoke

When she went to hug . . . to love . . . to be close . . .
She found nothing . . . silence . . .
When she talked and explored and asked
She found nothing . . . silence . . .
And she tried . . . and she tried . . . and she tried . . . to connect in any way she could . . .
She found nothing . . . silence . . .

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'Thoughts on a Desert Ledge' by M. Maureen Killoran
I am in a place of constant movement . . . I wrote in my journal . . . some episodic, as when huge boulders break loose and tumble down the gorge or when the canyon hosts the raging floods from which it got its name. Some of the movements are very slow, as in the work of roots and water that pry loose those hunks of granite and of shale. Slow as in the one-inch-per-century growth of the cryptogram, or the trees that take a decade even to inch above the soil.
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'My Precious Lake' by Dawn Gale Prince

It is my ritual on weekend mornings to bundle up with hat and gloves, and sometimes, digital camera in hand, I scamper down to the lakefront. Sometimes, it silently shimmers in solitude–barely making a noticeable ripple or an audible groan–and then there are times when it tosses about angrily, lashing out as if giving up a few secrets of its own; as if purging its belly of the collective secrets of those who have come by and left their soul prints.
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Patience: A Better Way?' by M. Maureen Killoran

When big stuff happens, when there's nothing we can do to effect a change . . . then the best thing to do is do nothing. Hunker down. Wait gracefully. Breathe. Give thanks for whatever good things may be.
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