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Aroma (Collage by Shirley Harshenin) - Inspirations Fall 2005
'The Open Window' by Geri Hoekzema
“My most startling discovery, however, was that my windows on life were changing. They seemed cleaner, but more importantly, I developed the ability to change viewpoints at will, like a camera operator switching from pan to zoom.”
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'Oxygen' by Miriam N. Kotzin

“I wanted to leave. But I didn't want to wake her and I knew that I wouldn't see her many more times.”
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'Feathers, Cages, and the Chicken-Hearted' by Becky Banasiak Code

“There’s a myth about success-what it looks like, the proper way to achieve it, it’s assumed inherent value. We’re convinced we must attain it–without even questioning why.”
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'The Power of a Word: From Survivor to Thriver' by Jane Hoppen

“I have traveled from victim to survivor, and I know with no doubt that there is a beyond. The word survivor invokes battles and pains, scars and sorrows, echoes and screams, the state of overcoming and then remaining in the battle aftermath.”
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