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Moon Goddess by Gale Dawn Prince

It was shining brightly on my face, beckoning me awake to see its own glowing face pressed so close to the window. I could feel its cool breath-like light upon my wrinkled-with-sleep face. Annoyed at the interruption of my sleep, the more I would clench my eyes, the brighter it would become.

Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and was blinded, momentarily, by its pure elegance. It was she—beautiful moon goddess keeping watch over me. The shiny new bare window glass was the perfect frame for her magnificence. The background was not really black, but nightshade in contrast to her shimmering sphere. It was a clear night, and she was perfectly round up there in the frozen dark night—a lone silver glow that cast a shadow bigger than she. It was one of those perfect moments unmarred by anything jarring or intrusive.

Moon-Goddess by Noreen Wessling Journey I, 1991

by Noreen Wessling

I couldn't remember the last time she looked so full of herself—so fat with contentment; so life affirming. It was as if she were symbolic of life itself—held up there for us to catch a glimpse of ourselves—our transformations. Caught in her trance, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. She was perfectly still—calm within herself and shining down at me from miles away, but seemed close enough as if she were beckoning me to reach up and pluck her from the sky. It was as if she were saying, go ahead take the light; but you can't just take the light, you have to embrace it and let it lead you where you want to go.

It was three o'clock in the morning, and for some reason she, Diana, Isis, Isamba—or anyone of her moon goddesses personas wanted me to join them in the quiet calmness of the night. Why had she come looking in my window? I stared at her for the longest time, basking in her glow, reveling in her strength and feeling a connection that needed no explanation. It was just as plain as she was at my window. I heard her soft silence inside of me. It was one of those moments where you realize that things are exactly the way you want them, and somehow you had come full circle to where you ought to be.

As day started to break, she faded only slightly, refusing to surrender until she was good and ready. She was used to the compromises—the natural order of things—the rhythm of the universe. She would leave until it was her turn to shine. It was all about time, place and rhythm. She would be back—sometimes in slivers showing us a different side of her goddess self. And then, there were times when she didn't feel like showing herself—when she was going through one of her phases—a rebirth of sorts. It was perfectly alright for her to behave like this. She was part of the rhythmic spiral dance—light and dark, death and rebirth. She was where she was supposed to be.

It was six o'clock before I faded, but not before realizing that She, Diana, a goddess by any other name, was in me. She was symbolic of the female psyche—our collective unconsciousness. And just like the spiral, cyclical movement she makes across the sky, I, too had found my rhythm.

Dawn Gale Prince © 2004. All rights reserved.


Author Bio: Dawn Gale Prince is a freelance writer who is pleased to share her personal voice and simple truth. Articles maybe reprinted with the author’s permission. She may be reached at You can read more of her work at

Artist Info: Noreen Wessling is the owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio. This studio is her 'playhouse in the woods,' where many exciting groups meet on a regular basis, including Touch Drawing Workshops, monthly dream groups and drum circles. 7 Arts Studio also hosts some wonderful workshops from out of town. If the latter interests you, email Noreen. She also teaches Tai Chi after studying for 16 years with Master Lau Mok. Noreen loves to travel, paint, write, bike and is enthralled with her computer art programs. Contact Noreen here


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