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Best of Theme: Wind
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Going with the Flow, by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
When I was younger, people used to advise each other to 'go with the flow.' The theory was that if you could relax and drift lightly along with 'the times,' float on the Zeitgeist and swim with the current, you would remain happy and unscathed by life. This always appealed to me. If you're going to picture water as the ultimate metaphor for life, then why not be buoyant? Why fight it?
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A Salty Taste of Spring, by Tracie Vida

Tracie takes us on a spiritual journey.
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Water Bearer, by Karen Lewis

Aliya's rage would be temporarily relieved by mist from the faulty valve on the right side of the water tank. She would cool, as if from a breeze that stirs the palm trees and wings of river birds
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Take Me To The River, by P. A. Moed

"The whole rest of the day, Beth felt an inexplicable happiness despite the fact that she usually hated driving the bus on rainy days. But wet seats and slick roads and grumpy passengers shaking their umbrellas out in doorway couldn't faze her today. She had been acknowledged."
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Matt, Hang Gliding by Gayle Brandeis
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