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The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses is now in it's 25th year, and we are pleased to announce we have nominated some of our authors' BEST work. None of the choices were easy: many of Moondance's contributing writers deserve recognition. Nonetheless, a choice did have to be made, and the nominees are:

Angel's Eye
by Suzanne Nielsen
Published in March 2004 (Earth issue), Song & Story
The Unicorn Encounters a Perfect Fox
by Beate Sigriddaughter
Published in March 2004 (Earth issue), Song & Story
The Shape of the Wind
by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
Published in June 2004 (Wind issue), Columns
Summer Wind, Summer Leaves
by Lydia Fazio Theys
Published in June 2004 (Wind issue), Columns
by Beate Sigriddaughter
Published December 2004 (Fire issue), Song & Story

A click on the titles of these stories will allow you to enjoy these submissions again... or for the first time.

In Other News

Our Moondance family is in constant flux. New faces show up once in a while, and others leave us to concentrate on new adventures. Among the latter, Margaret McCook, our Fiction Designer, has gone on to a job that she loves. Margaret has been with us since November 2001, and I, for one, will miss her quiet reliability. We wish her all the best.

On behalf of the Moondance staff, Happy reading!

Michelle Petit-Sumrall
Website Manager,

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