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The Fire and The Queen of California
by Nina Gaby

Her hands clung to the steering wheel, she realized she had been driving for hours, the gas tank almost empty and she had no idea where she was.
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Affectionate Brute
by Shipra Sharma

Sushma didn't answer but dreamily looked at the stars that seemed perennially stitched to the web of the sky. She believed stars would soothe her skin with their cold stare as years would start to wither it with their history.
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So they stood in silence within the garage's slanted shadow—she with stolen flowers in her hands, he with pupils that were vertical slits—until a sound broke the spell.
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She leaned over the railing. Up close the river was green and murky like water in a vase of dead cut flowers. Far below... things she knew, but didn't want to see. Not yet...
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