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Best of Theme: Fire
How Can We Love the World? by Susan Brassfield Cogan; Inspirations

Susan suggests that we can love the world no matter how tough life gets.
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What Fahrenheit for Talent? By: Kay Sexton; Columns
Women need to learn from this Australian experiment--planned destruction can be productive, and lighting a fire under old wood can produce new growth. We don't have to burn up alongside our creativity. Fire is just a tool--we can use it to help us be more creative, and I don't just mean in the kitchen. From the ashes of our wasteland, we can grow a thousand flowers.
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Old Fire By Michelle Garren Flye; SNS

...rivers of old fire trace paths into the dust of the ruins of her home.
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Ancient Embers Awe and Ash by Joan Koerper; Nonfiction

I knew I would be bearing witness to sacred fires transforming shaped and dried clay into an almost indestructible material - pottery. Yet, by night's end, I had seen a shaman's dance and heard the whispers of ancient women intently tending the first fires. And, I realized the primal ritual had transported me through time, transforming the clay of my soul as well.
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Affectionate Brute by Shipra Sharma; Fiction

"Sushma didn't answer but dreamily looked at the stars that seemed perennially stitched to the web of the sky. She believed stars would soothe her skin with their cold stare as years would start to wither it with their history."
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