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Orion - Hubble telescope photo from
wouldn't you know we're riding by Lydia Fasio Theys
Dark, hesitant eyes, emphasized and enlarged by the veil, steal careful and unobtrusive glances at their surroundings. That vivid image has stayed in my mind for many years, but it has new significance for me now in our grave new world.
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war on work by Kay Sexton
Would you describe your job as a boil on the nose of the workplace? And if you did, would you say that you couldnít wait for it to burst so that you could have a day off?
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The Lizard on the Teacart by Diane Dees
Several months ago, when our tabby was still alive but confined to her bed, I noticed that a chameleon had moved into the little jungle corner by the French doors in the living room.
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Yin and Yang: Inner Polarities or a Continuum? -- By Anne Kelly-Edmunds
We all learned to walk in a similar way, by losing our balance and regaining it again. Likewise, we often struggle to overcome other challenges -- not only those on the physical level. Balance, I have come to realize, plays its part across the board in all areas of our lives.
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Born Again by Marianne Moro
Sometimes the universe helps us along when our earthly efforts have failed. I never understood before how people could say that a disaster or accident turned out, in retrospect, to change their lives for the better. Now I think I do.
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One Person's Paradise by Susan M. Henderson
I look around the plane at the screaming babies and the kids throwing tantrums, and of course I've had those trips before, but this time my children are quietly reading and drawing. I sit tall in my seat, feeling smug.
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Booty Call Girls by Leigh Hughes
Remember the good old days when a slut was a slut?
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Fast Clothes, Slow Clothes by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
It happens to me more and more these days -- I walk into a store or a restaurant and find Iím the only woman there in a sari. This would not be surprising if I were in America; on visits there, it happens all the time. But in India?
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