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This issue is the fourth in a 4-phase moon cycle, "New Moon": Soul

Our other issues are:

  • "Crescent Moon": Body(March 21st)
  • "Half Moon": Mind (June 21st)
  • "Full Moon": Emotion (September 21st)

About "New Moon"

The new moon rises and sets with the sun, therefore is invisible to us. This is the seed moon. Contained within its cycle is the opportunity to explore our souls. Our souls match the invisibility of this phase and our depths, which match the depths of the universe. This is a time to discover ourselves and our unique place in the universe. For a detailed description of the other Phases and how they relate to the 2003 themes, please refer to: "Have A Submission?"

A Note from the Website Manager…

Moondance Staff Family

Moondance is staffed entirely by a dedicated crew of women and men who volunteer their time, effort and knowledge toward the publication of every single issue. This is completely unpaid work, and no one ever complains. However, over the last few seasons, our staff has been nearly heroic in it's efforts as less people have found themselves doing more of the work: many former staff members have moved on to other things, but have yet to be replaced.

Our virtual staff needs an infusion of new blood! Every department needs either an editorial staffer or a designer. If you have exerience in the fields of:

  • Web Design and programming,
  • Editing,
  • Copyediting, or
  • Marketing
and you would like to help make Moondance better every season, please check out the Available Positions page for more information on what's avaialble, and who to contact.

Michelle Petit-Sumrall
Website Manager,

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