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Dancing in the Wind

"Those who live passionately teach us how to love."
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

The trees dance, tickled by an invisible hand. The icy hand of wind, From the inside looking out whose voice moans eerily through the cracks and rattles the invisible panes of our windows, has arrived to haunt our world. People face the wind out of necessity, not daring to turn away lest they be blown adrift. Bundled tight, their body bulky with protective clothing, their faces covered for protection, they scuttle to and fro, trying to survive the day and return to the safety of their homes relatively unscathed. Yet, invariably, they are chapped on the outside and feeling frozen down deep. Those who sit by the hearth fire are warm, safe, ready to peel off their layers and expose their fragile self -- something they would not dare if they were forced to face the freezing wind.

Many of us live our entire lives comparatively bundled, faces hidden, fragile selves protected as we hurry through life, worrying about the invisible forces that seek to rattle our confidence and blow us adrift. Hiding ourselves becomes habit, revealing ourselves a rare luxury enjoyed only when we stumble upon unexpected warmth that momentarily lures us out.

Fran and Les Hewitt, authors of The Power of Focus for Women, encourage us to consider shedding our protective layers and basking in the warmth of an eternal hearth fire -- despite the belligerent winds we encounter. "Part of discovering who you are is finding out who you are not. Some people's masks become so glued to their body that they have no idea who they really are. The mask becomes a comfortable substitute. Shedding the facade can be scary. In essence, you need to ask yourself 'Who am I?' That's a big question. The sheer magnitude of this causes many women to hesitate in stripping off the mask. But before you contemplate leaving everything just the way it is, know this: all masks have something in common. Masks prevent you from sharing the most valuable gift you have. That gift is the real you. A distorted replica simply can't replace the real you."

Invisible forces abound in nature. The new moon -- the seed moon -- is invisible, floating through the sky rising and setting with the sun, whose brilliant light deprives us of the moon's fragile beauty. Our masked souls match this invisible phase, floating silently past those who would relish their beauty if only it was revealed. The choice is difficult: to reveal one's inner beauty, one must risk the most fragile parts of self. When the world seems unfriendly, the choice is even harder. Should we choose to ignore the danger, or should we burrow deeper to protect ourselves more?

"No matter what goes on in the world, the only thing you can work on is what is right for you. You have to get in touch with your inner guidance because it is the wisdom that knows the answers for you. It's not easy to listen to yourself when your friends and family are telling you what to do. Yet all the answers to all the questions you are ever going to ask are within you now," Louise L. Hay writes in The Power is Within You. "Every time you say 'I don't know,' you shut the door on your own inner wisdom. The messages you get from your Higher Self are positive and supportive of you. If you start getting negative messages, then you are working from ego and your human mind level -- and even perhaps your imagination, although positive messages often come to us through our imagination and our dreams. Support yourself by making the right choices for you. When in doubt ask yourself, 'Is this a decision that is loving for me? Is this right for me now?'"

As the wind sings in the crevices and whips across our world, we know to nurture ourselves with warmth. With lit logs in the fireplace, ups of steaming cocoa in our hands, blankets on our laps, slippers on our feet, we can sit and enjoy the wonders of nature held at bay beyond the invisible pane of window glass. By nurturing our souls, we can duplicate this warm protection, shed our outer layers and grasp the opportunities for growth that surround us. We are unique. Our place in the universe is assured. All that is left to do is to discover ourselves as we dance before the wind.

By Loretta Kemsley
Women Artists and Writers International
Writer, Editor and Editorial Coach

Loretta Kemsley's Personal Portfolio: Women's Writings

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