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Worship and Spirituality, One Woman's Journey

On a recent trip to Italy I was further struck by art. Coming full circle, I spent countless days enjoying astonishing cathedrals full of the genius of art and architecture. And everywhere I went, there was Mary. Mary the woman. Mary the mother. Mary the wife. Mary in pain. Mary in ecstasy, in religious clothing, in the act of nursing her Child.
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Moon Goddess

Yet love and romance blossom then, beneath her watchful gaze: this Princess of Darkness must be love; yes! Soon, I am bare before her like a winter deciduous tree, and in my dream, I worship her the way the sun can never be blessed.
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Mini Me

At five years old, my 'posh styling’ was influenced by my two pop culture idols: the material girl, and Stacy. Six years older than me, I thought she was the coolest person on the planet. I wanted her long wavy hair, I wanted her super cool clothes and jewelry - I even wanted her name. When she fell off the swing set and broke her arm, I wanted a cast too. When I ran over to play I would try to run like her, make my hair swing like hers.
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