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common threads
Lives oftentimes are bound together by invisible threads of shared experiences and common interests. Such was the case with my Great-aunt Helen, a woman whose skillful use of fibers and textiles weaved our lives in a pleasing, intertwining pattern.
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the whole kit and kaboodle: me, my daughter, or myself
Kit Chase here, managing editor of a weekly newspaper, and mother of a very precocious thirteen-year-old daughter. My age is unmentionable. I am not taking a shower. I just needed my daughter's help to write my column, while I'm busy with other parts of the paper.
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the practice of bread baking
The act of making bread is one that simultaneously promotes patience, nurturance, aesthetic pleasure, and appetite. There is a meditative quality to the kneading of dough, and a sacramental aspect in the breaking of bread, regardless of one's spiritual orientation.
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voice lessons
Do our voices reflect our personalities? Do our voices change as we grow, as we age, as we change with time?
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joy in the small things
Many people mistakenly believe that the bigger the conquest, or the more fantastic the event, the happier they should be. That's not necessarily true.
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spice boys
We had to introduce our boys to weapons recently. I blame the Spice Girls.
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