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The sky is dark.
Orion has long passed below the horizon.
Though I am confident the Moon is with me,
She hides her illumination.
I reach for reasons to explain this void,
any sort of sense or logic...
nothing comes.
I have lost my mate.
There is no one here to explain.

Yet, through this profound lost-ness,
my spirit is awake,
ready to learn.
The rough edge of loneliness
sharpens my senses.
Alone, with this dark sky,
I am more starkly aware of the beauty before me.
Everything appears more poignant, more lovely.
I am thankful my stripped-down heart is not bitter.
This pain is a door to life that lies beyond.
It is a difficult door to open,
a difficult threshold to see beyond,
but courage to pass through will come.

I wait for the next phase of this cycle,
My new life waits for me.
The Moon in her glorious illumination
will grow large and bright again soon,
and reason will come.

Until then, I shelter here in the darkness
and allow my exposed soul
to commune with the spirits of pain
and healing.

Bio: Barbara Musial lives in Central Pennsylvania with her cat, Nikki, mounds of books and art supplies. Her favorite poets include Mary Oliver, Jane Hirshfield, R.M. Rilke and Walt Whitman. When you can't find her at her studio desk with glue and paint or in her favorite chair with a good book, she's probably in the mountains near her small hometown. Barbara currently works for a Chiropractor/Nutritionist and greatly enjoys her work.

She may be contacted at

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