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open house by joanne mcmenamy; non-fiction
Someone once told me "find a place where you feel God and go there often," advice I follow to Elkins Park when I need a retreat from the world. There are many places there I feel God, though the old rose garden is my favorite...
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layers; svea barrett; poetry
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sinai by gill joyce; song and story
Maybe once in a lifetime, everything comes together to make a memory so profound that the very experience returns to us as adults, that sense of wonder long lost in childhood. This happened to me after making a random decision to turn left.
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the whole kit and kaboodle: dog days in gainesville, texas by kit chase; columns
Now we all know that Mr. Chase takes his life seriously, but what we donít know is that life sometimes takes Mr. Chase humorously. The incident was a quaint comedy of errors, but one he would never ever want to live through again.
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my grandmother's house by maryanne walker; inspirations
It took financial disaster for Maryanne to change her opinion of her grandmother...
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