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Moondance is blessed with readers from all parts of the globe. Thus, we are never all experiencing the same season at the same time. With that in mind, and in keeping with our 2003 theme of "exploration of self", we hope you'll like our new look!

"Moon Phases" now identifies each issue.
This issue is: "Crescent Moon": Body

Our other issues are:

  • "Half Moon": Mind (June 21st)
  • "Full Moon": Emotion (September 21st)
  • "New Moon": Soul (December 21st)

About "Crescent Moon"

The Crescent Moon, known as the "sprout moon", brings into fruition the beginnings we planned at the new moon. As we enter this phase, we cherish, reclaim and strengthen our bodies for the growth ahead. This is also the time to cherish our dreams, and ourselves. For a detailed description of the other Phases and how they relate to the 2003 themes, please refer to: "Have A Submission?"

A Note from the Editorial Manager…

Moondance Staff Family

Moondance is very pleased to announce the following Staff Promotions and Additions:

  • Michelle Petit-Sumrall has been promoted to the position of Website Manager. Michelle's enthusiasm and dedication shine in this, her first issue in her new position. The Website Manager requires a unique combination of skill and talents in every technical area relating to the product you are reading right now. (Note from the author: Michelle welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world just weeks before going live with this issue!) Regardless of the task required of her, Michelle's cheerful spirit, (whether baby in one arm or not!) and her "take it all in stride" attitude is contagious and a true joy!
  • Michelle, with Stéphane Bérgeron, Assistant Web Site Manager & Design Technologist, have some great new design changes in the works. Stay tuned…
  • Moondance is also pleased to announce the promotion of our longtime Editorial Staff member, Nicole Jones, to the position of Assistant Editorial Manager. Nicole's versatility and experience are a welcome addition to the Editorial Management Staff!
  • Moondance Art Director, Nell Arzab, has been busy! Thanks to her efforts and diligence, we welcome not one, but three new Assistant Art Directors, all with diverse backgrounds, who bring new vistas to the beautiful art which graces our pages:
    • Nancy Nield Buchwald is an Art History Ph.D. candidate at University of Chicago. Nancy's Art background includes work as an Art critic, volunteer, and her studies.
    • Liz Kalloch (our second "Liz K"!) joins our Art family from northern California.
    • Tamour Allen hails from Louisiana, and is a versatile artist. Tamour has exhibited her work in sketches, paintings and photographs, and is also a writer.

Our virtual staff has had some additional changes on the Editorial side.

  • Rising Stars: Marti Nelson is our new Editor, from Texas.
  • Song & Story: Moira Richards is our new Editor, from South Africa.
  • Newsletter: Kerri-Ann Sheppard is our Editor, from "down under"
  • Non-Fiction: Shelby Lane returns to the Moondance family, as Editor.
  • Inner Voices: Peta Andersen, who hangs out at Harvard most of the time, steps into the Editor spot.
  • Proofreader: Cara Eltringham, also from South Africa, is Proofing, as well as being available for various other endless jobs!

And…in the "better late than never department," our 2 Assistant Poetry Editors:

  • Bridget-Kelley Lossada
  • Jenny Laper

Our family at Moondance, like the phases of the moon, is constantly changing, growing and cyclical. Everyone brings his or her special talents and views to our virtual office. I often marvel at the accomplishments and camaraderie that continue to evolve from a staff who are located, like our readers, everywhere in the world. Moondance in its glory is produced by an incredibly dedicated group of people- all of whom both volunteer and have NEVER met! We welcome your comments, opinions and input. Please email Letters to the Editor to pass on your thoughts. We publish a selection of these in our Letters to the Editor Section. Enjoy this issue of the "Crescent Moon!"

Jill E. Vaile
Editorial Manager,

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