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Life Stewards; Spirits of Invention

by Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div.

The Blue Cat
The Blue Cat

Life Stewards are friends, mentors, and acquaintances who teach us how to survive change. The Life Stewards in our lives enable us to appreciate and call on our inner Life Stewards, who are part of our authentic selves. Life Stewards are intimately connected to the physical world. They share our struggles, seeing them with clarity, passion, and assurance that all is well. Life Stewards love the Earth and her life forms. They are the sacred ecologists of our world, reminding us that a sustainable environment is essential to life, allowing us to derive from its splendor the natural abundance that benefits all people.

Aware of the past but not circumscribed by history, they know that invention and innovation are the agents of change intended to stir the times and stimulate renewal of the culture. They are idealistic in envisioning new ways of working with Nature and realistic in understanding that change requires making life different-not just better or worse, but different-by creating a new balance. Life Stewards aren't rooted to a home or a country, because the entire Earth is their home. They understand balance an help us find our shifting center, the fulcrum that steadies us between past and future that we call "the present."

A Life Steward is someone like the young woman who told her local Humane Society that there was a large colony-a hundred or more-of wild or feral cats in uptown Manhattan in New York City. The cats had every kind of known malady and disease, but no one could catch them, so they remained untreated, hiding from people during the day. There was no response from the Humane Society.

This Life Steward, whose name was Shauna, was deeply distressed by so many sick cats fending for themselves under such deplorable conditions. She decided that, despite her busy work and school schedule, she would do something about it. Shauna worked all day as a secretary and was earning her degree at a local college at night. When she came home from school she'd catch a few hours of sleep, then head out to some of the scariest parts of the inner city to try to capture some of the cats. She brought them home to her tiny apartment to tame them, treat them, feed and groom them enough so that others would be able to handle them and they could be put up for adoption.

She jokes about the fact that she wasn't evicted because of housing a continuous stream of a dozen or more cats in her tiny apartment. Shauna didn't see that what she did was special. "Anyone would have done it," she told me. But the fact is, no one else had!   

Listening to Our Inner Life Steward

Our Life Stewards teach us that change is inevitable, and, as we change, we become more intimate with our own natures. Our Life Stewards help us sense the rhythms and ripples that are the feedback from our efforts in the world. We are urged to participate in life for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the Unrevealed and to uncover the possibilities that lie before us.

In Search of Our Inner Beloved

It is easy to see love and intimacy as the gift that comes from bonding with another person. It is more difficult to recognize it as a desire for closeness with our inner Source of Love. Either in this life or a future one, our universal search for meaning and stability ultimately brings us to intimate and tender connection with our own internal Beloved. Through the centuries, visionaries have written about their search for God as a pursuit of the Beloved.

The thirteenth century poet, philosopher, and scholar, Jalaluddin Rumi, is one of these remarkable mystics. His writings take us to our own unexplored inner spaces where we, like Rumi, can invent a language with which to reach our own inner Beloved. In The Illuminated Rumi by Coleman Barks and Michael Green, Rumi tells us: To change, a person must face the dragon of his/her appetites with another dragon, the life-energy of the soul.

Trying to love ourselves and those close to us with forbearance and forgiveness challenges the dragons of our appetites. We can imagine the standoff between our two dragons, one breathing the fire of getting our own way at any cost or feeling victimized by life, the other breathing the clarity, sweetness, and power of our union with our inner Beloved.

Every one of our experiences strengthens only one of our dragons. Every acknowledgment, judgment, belief, spoken word, and action we take strengthens either the dragon of self-interest or the dragon of soul-interest. Just as we search for ways to demonstrate our devotion to a loving partner, we can look for special endearments to use with our inner lovers.

Our soul's interest is in giving us an expanded perspective on life so that we understand how to best use our time on Earth. It wants the best for us and from us. The Life Steward says, "Learn from Nature and its intimate relationship with change. Observe how life grows, shifts, and weaves together the systems that support all life." We are interwoven with the Beloved-intimately connected-and capable of handling change when we stay in the rhythm of The Beloved.

Bio: Meredith Young-Sowers is co-founder of Stillpoint Publishing Company and The Stillpoint Institute. She is also the founder/director of the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing, and has been teaching, counseling, and doing deep intuitive healing work for more than two decades. Considered a pioneer in the development of "energy diagnosis" methods, she lectures, offers workshops and teleclasses to audiences around the world. Her work is a new path to healing that brings greater love, joy, and peace to peoples' lives.

Considered a significant breakthrough in the emerging field of energy medicine, her work centers on seven spiritual qualities that can be sensed in the body and amplified to aid healing and restore balance to body, mind, and spirit, using techniques and principles taught at the Stillpoint School. She is the author of several best-selling books, including Agartha and the Angelic Messenger Cards. An alumna and a recipient of a distinguished graduate award from Centenary College for Women, Meredith holds both a Masters and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Universal Brotherhood University. Meredith and her husband live in rural New Hampshire. For more information on Meredith and her latest book, Wisdom Bowls; Overcoming Fear and Coming Home to Your Authentic Self, please visit and

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